I almost forgot how realistic NHL 16 is

Man those graphics are good. For the first two seconds I thought this was a real match.

That goalie must be ripped lol

Graphics are good. Gameplay and especially AI is shit. I used to buy this game every year and now this year I'm not touching it.

Ripped like a flower

Fleury will be missed. 🐧❤️

You're making a good choice, I stopped buying in '15. Still subbed to the subreddit, hoping to see some actual improvement in the series or reasons to buy back into it, but so far, and especially with the release notes for '18 starting to come out, i have not regretted my decision one bit.

Marc Andre Fleury is a beast in real life, and apparently in video games as well

An example from NHL 13

Have you all forget about the 'Hercules Check'?

EA response video

Visit /sub/gamephysics and sort by top for more entertainment.

Until you're like.."isn't that the 3rd time in a minute the announcer 'yelled oh what a marvelous touch there!'"

It's like NFL Blitz. That game was the shit.

Fleur de Marc Andre

15 was terrible. It has improved over the last 2 years and the ai is better for defensemen in eashl, but it would be hard to not improve from 15. AI still isn't all that great though.

Sports games seem to have gotten this way a while back. I remember my roommates playing FIFA on the 360 but I didn't realize it because on the wideshots it looked perfect.

They have a penchant for doing things like this

I just bought 17 and the AI is absolutely the worst of any game I have ever played

It seems to have a mechanic that goes into play if you don't reduce pressure on your goalie where your defenders will literally stop trying to take the puck and sometimes will even do changeouts in the absolute worst situation. Or they'll just skate to the other side of the rink. Blows my mind every time.

That's actually a fantastic response video.

You have to adjust the pressure schemes. Default is trash.

Not beast enough to be put on the Pens protection list for the expansion. However, he'll almost certainly be starting for Vegas.

You'll see him in Vegas :(

He'll be missed and forever loved.

His back is shredded from all the carrying he did in the Washington series this year.

He wouldn't be a penguin even if there were no expansion draft. This was his last year one way or another.

Now if only midway made another NHL Hitz...I played the hell out of the first one.

Love the Tim Hortons ad on the side of the rink.

Fleury is the most sure thing Vegas can pick. If i'm not mistaken I believe Pittburgh needs the cap space too.

"Bah gawd he's broken in half!"

Watch the referee. 2 realistic 4 me

Olli probably felt like he'd been flipped a few times after the parade. Guy was tanked.

This is the real answer.

He is legend.

NHL 91. Genesis. /Thread.

This is seriously old school but the Blades of Steel on Nintendo was awesome. These days, games are incremental improvements for the most part. But the Blade of Steel was a generational leap ahead. There was nothing like that before.

and the refs are also not looking at shit

A meandering legend.

I almost forgot about the Vegas Golden Knights

Except for when the times I scream at my TV because he's behind the fucking net ALL THE FUCKING TIME!

It's not that default should be the best possible. Experienced players should be able to learn and improve on the defaults.

But the defaults shouldn't be so crap that people hate the game. I haven't played it, but it sounds like the game doesn't do a good job of explaining the pressure system and how players might improve their situation.

What's the best one? Last hockey video game I played was NHL '96 on SNES.

You can probably just buy the last 5 for about $6.76 since sports games lose value so quickly.

omg, that's amazing!

Never going to keep him over the goalie who won you two cups as a rookie

Hold on because there are a bunch of good goalies unprotected

For defense I always go tight point with Puck side attack. It's also super important to keep your controlled player in position. People don't realize that alot of the time the ai does something stupid it's because they are trying to cover for your position not being in the right place.



Why not both? Mrazek has had consistency problems for the last year and a half, so that still leaves Fleury as the undisputed #1 sure thing goalie out there.


I know we're supposed to rip on EA (or are we this week?

In general it's getting a bit tiresome because EA is publishing some good games, but for NHL it's completely justified. The game is trash.

I made a comment not long ago highlighting just a few things that make me want to toss the TV out my window. And these issues are returning pretty much every year. They just don't give a fuck to fix it.

Eh you still have Murray......also as a preds fans fuck you ❤️❤️❤️

DUDE that was the best game ever. My cousins and I would always get in a fight immediately after the game was over to determine "the real winner"

He thought he saw someone he knew in the stands.

real life sports

Speaking as a goalie, we do not like people in our crease. Even our own teammates (but to be fair, Maatta blindsides him there, he wouldn't know who he was throwing). I would absolutely do the same thing if I had the core strength.

What Fleury really needs to do here is start hitting the gym until he's got the upper body strength for .

Pens fan here, infuriating doesn't begin to describe it. I can't count the number of times I've screamed "GET THE FUCK IN THE NET, FLOWER!" at my TV while watching them.

I'm gonna miss Marc Andre :(

Holy shit I remember when youtube looked like that

Never seen that response video before, that's awesome.

This must be how the ref missed Nashville's goal in game 6

I know we're supposed to rip on EA (or are we this week? I can never keep these things straight) but I have been paying for EA access for a few months now and have been pleased. I think it's $5-6 a month and you get all of their sports games and a few others. I know you don't keep them if you cancel the subscription but I justify it with the fact that I probably won't be going back and playing FIFA 15 a lot in the future anyways when there have already been multiple newer versions out.

Jesus. Fleury in net with Mrazek backup? Vegas is at least gonna have a good goaltending core.

Oh fuck, I remember that game. It was fun but the passing mechanic was so broken. every pass always connected and you're almost always guaranteed a onetimer. I think I had over a hundred passes one period just to fuck with the mechanic, and my buddy only touched the puck twice.

this game is too realistic

Plus voice actors are striking because they want royalties on every game sold.

Motherfuckers, the developers don't get royalties on every game sold; I guarantee no one plays a game because of the voice acting.

Seriously think about buying '18. You get to chew on mouth guards - It makes for a drastic change in gameplay.

That's still sad. If your default settings aren't the best possible settings, then they shouldn't be your default settings.

I'm not even a penguins fan, but it was infuriating.

Fifa is still great and one of the best couch games you can play with a friend.

The flying Finn

You're not interfering with me, I'm interfering with you!

Actually that decision was his. He voluntarily waived his NTC so the pens didn't have to protect him. Since Matt Murray is their goalie of the now/future. Mad respect

It was making me so mad because the puck would be right next to my player, so I thought he had it, but they never actually grab the puck so you just skate away empty handed and look like an idiot.


Da bomb.

NHL 11. Believe that's the last one before they introduced the (admittedly more realistic, though less fun) momentum system

Yeah I didn't word that the best way. I just meant the default settings should be the settings that the majority of your player base would want to use if they were familiar with all the possible settings.

There shouldn't be settings that are universally considered better than the defaults. Except for in the situation you described where beginners benefit from the default settings, even though more skilled players would benefit from different settings.

You are not a flyers or caps fan so good luck to you. Hopefully Nashville continues to support the preds.

15 sucked, but NHL 16 I really enjoyed the gameplay for. NHL 17 was terrible though since the gameplay just feels arcade-like and stiff. Not sure how to describe it but it just isn't fun. Feels like you can't control your players properly.

I'm sure Pittsburgh needs it but Detroit left their goalie free and he is much younger. Unless Detroit has a deal with Vegas I can them snagging Mrazek. Edit: Also just heard Mrazek has attitude issues, so wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't even get picked

It's the business of sports. Murray is the future in Pittsburgh

It can be.

I have flung my hands up and walked away from the tv.

Cause that'll show 'em.

But seriously. I have. And will again.

That actually sums up the SCF this year.

I still don't know how anyone got out of that series alive...

Ive got a couple friends who still buy it, so i still play couch co-op every once in a while. Every time we play i just end up feeling even better about my decision. Completely satisfies/kills my urge to play.

I paid $10 for nhl17 2 weeks ago. fyi

I stopped buying in 07'. Sports games just got too boring. Sports for real life, killing, war and future for video games. Oh and stardew valley..

It'd be even more realistic if the refs penalized Toronto because of that.

TOR 0 PITT 2: sounds about right


Raise the cup for flower fellow pensbro