"Human, is this really necessary?"

If you see the cat paws, you can clearly see that he is relaxed, believe me, if the cat wasn't enjoying that, he would be tense AF, and the owner would probably get bitten and scratched.

Souce: I am bitten and scratched

Some cats are dog-like in how much they tolerate. I knew a family who's cat you could pick up and drape around your shoulders. He would lay there happy as a clam while you walked around.

My cat's cool with the neck drape, and when in holding him if I squeeze tighter his purring intensifies. He's a cuddle bub.

I'm gazorpazorp fucking field.

I would regret treating my cats like that instantaneously & I'm pretty sure, forever. That's a pretty chill cat!!

Happy as a clam is my favourite saying. Fun fact: it's an abbreviation of 'happy as a clam at high water', as when the tide is high clams can't be harvested by people or predators. The phrase originated in the north-eastern states of the USA in the early 19th century. An American poet, John G Saxe, uses the short version of the phrase in the Sonnet to a Clam, from 1840:

"Inglorious friend! most confident I am Thy life is one of very little ease; Albeit men mock thee with their similes, And prate of being 'happy as a clam!'"

I can't believe it actually tolerated this. Lol.

His eyes are also signaling he enjoys it.

Well when you link the study, maybe we will consider it.

"Sorry bud, need karma"

I can't wait to go home and see if my cat lets me do this without clawing me to death

My cat is like that. My favorite thing to do is faceplanting on her belly when she's sleeping on her side. She'll go all "Wha-- Oh, it's you!" PURRRRRR


Rag doll cats are the best. As long as you dont outright hurt them, they cool. Its not a breed of cat, just a personality type.

cuz I'd be bleeding.....

I do stupid shit with my cat all the time he hates. He wouldn't ever bite or scratch me, I have no fear in that. He puts up with it for a bit then wriggles around and jumps free. He wouldn't even growl or hiss. He's my best buddy

Now give me my fucking enchiladas

Ragdolls actually are a true breed of cat! They are definitely the floppiest, but most other breeds can be floppy too :)

My sister used to torture her cats like that all day long. The worst part of it was that the cats came back for more, and would get upset if she didn't do those things to them. Who understands cats!?

I have one cat who would let me do this and another who would rip me to shreds if I even tried. Depends on their personality.

"I... will... kill... you..."

I have one cat you call swing upside down or whatever your imagination can come up with (that won't harm the cat). He'll let literally anyone do it including people he's just met. Some cats just don't give a fuck.

You dumb. Stupid. Weak. Pathetic. White. White... uh... guilt. White guilt. Milk toast. Piece of human garbage.

TIL, thanks! I picked it up from my mother but never bothered to learn the origin.

Ragdolls and their cousins ragamuffins are legit cat breeds

Well I was being incredulous, so I assume you meant OP.

are you still alive?

Found the guy spewing bullshit.