Human Decency and Respect, Thanks Obama

Human Decency and Respect, Thanks Obama

It's time to play....GUESS! THE! THREAD!

Will it be....

1.) A praise Obama thread

2.) A bash Trump thread

3.) A bash Obama thread


4.) A thread talking about how all the comments are terrible

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Obama punches un-armed hispanic man

Truth is, Fernando has been Obama's weed dealer for the last 8 years. No one knows of their true relationship but the eye contact during their fist bump says everything.

That's a lot to read into a photo-op fist bump.

It's just a fist bump. You act like this guy deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.

By now it's not even all of the above. OP is just surfing on the Karma wave as long as it is possible.

Human decency and respect.... you know this guy prosecuted more whistle blowers during his administration than ALL past Presidents combined right?

He didn't end up being the President he said he was going to be.

"Transparency and the rule of law will be the touch stones of this administration." - Obama 2008.

How did that work out for us?

In this picture the president is demonstrating to a custodian how the drone missiles strike their targets with great accuracy.

Actually, he clearly has one arm in the photo

The fist bump is actually code. He's saying "leave my stash in this garbage can next to you, tonight"

They have their own system of figuring how much Obama wants based off of how hard he fist bumps.

OP just wants that Obama link karma.

Obama fist bumps some guy? HERO OF MAN

Obama drone strikes a bunch of weddings? ~ crickets ~

It is just a fist bump. There's a message in this post, however. No one is ever beneath you, no matter what. We should always treat each other as equals.

Un-armed was a typo, he meant uno-armed.

"Trump punches minority in the fist"

No, it's just 5.) A thread being meta about people talking about the comment sections

It's all part of the affordable karma act.

Yet if you saw a photo of Trump giving one of his workers a fist bump it would probably be spun into him being a racist

Hence Fernando's two black eyes on November ninth

Exactly this. I have never felt more swindled by politics, but then again I was 18 when I voted for him in 2008. What a fucking let down.

Was this right before or after he authorized a drone strike in a country were not at war with?

Thanks, Fox News.


I just like the fist bump, is that OK?

then the echo chamber will be complete

The day reddit gets a custom content filter for posts will be a joyous one indeed.

Woah he fist bumped the cleaner for a PR shot, such decency....

Killing said custodian's relatives overseas.

really? It's brought up like every time Obama is ever mentioned recently. And people are generally like it sucks that innocent people died...but we still like Obama. Then what.

Code for "Fuck my shit up fam"

Funnily enough people who've met Trump practically all say he's a pretty nice guy according to this thread:

Don't forget the whole drone striking Doctors Without Borders thing.

Maybe it'll be the... Obama bombed 7 Muslim countries while in office, but he also pounded an everyday employee's hand, so we'll just forget about all that other nonsense.

Ugh, now I have to leave a comment...give me likes, give me karma, come on..give me views.

Every photo the White House puts out is carefully selected. People need to realize this.

Good job there was a camera positioned perfectly to capture this spontaneous act of humanity or we wouldn't have known.

not allowed to mention that. EVER

He had a white house photographer who took literally thousands of candid photos during his eight years, this is most definitely one of them.

He also pounded 7 Muslims and bombed an everyday employee

Here you go. Prepare to be just as upset as you are now, but with a better understanding of the legality.

from an outsiders point of view (outside of america) Obama seemed to be a president who cared about people and wanted to make the world a better place. I think he had huge amount of trouble doing that in the face or the restrictions on him, I think he really wanted to ban or create more laws for guns and I think it's hard to be anti-war and also have to defend a country from ISIS. One thing is he obviously must have left out a lot of the country as Trump is a polar oposite, and in that situation he fell. But for what he preached to the world and how he showed that a man can really care for the well being of his people was admirable.

I don't know the whole picture, but for what he seems as a simple answer, is a kind man.

If this was a photo OP I think they wouldn't of cut half the guys body with a pillar....

EDIT: Photo-Op generally implies a Staged or Arranged photo. To make the politician look good. This photo seems like a genuine spur of the moment thing not a Photo-OP

No. Everything is politicised these days, even your sorry attempt to paint Trump as liar by simply not even mentioning him.... Hillary Shill!

Omg, he fist bumped a janitor. He is so cool and down to earth like one of us!

Quit your shit.

He got one for being black and president, literally before he had done anything at all. That prize is a joke

He said selected not staged. They didn't release the part after where he "too slowed" him on the high five.

95% of the jobs he created were part time or contract work.

So? Sorry he didn't personally give everyone 40 hour a week factory jobs, I'm sure trump will be on that, give it time buddy.

The federal debt has doubled under his administration.

Pres doesn't do the budget, that would be congress.

The country has seen the worst economic growth under any President since Herbert Hoover. Obama is the only President since Hoover who hasn't had a single year with annual GDP growth of 3%

no shit, we just had a terrible recession, it could arguably be worse. And when was Hoover president? Jeez I think something big happened during his presidency.. some type of economic thing.. eh probably not important when misconstruing information.

The labor participation rate has declined from 65.8% to 62.8% under Obama. That number represents people 16 and older who are either working or actively seeking work.

Yes. Because people could drop jobs they didn't need because they no longer needed its benefits. So they could focus on things like college or family.

Median household income has remained stagnant. That means that in practical terms, people earn the same today as they did 8 years ago.

it would arguably worse under a republican president, or the same. Considering there plan was to do less for people who didn't see growth.

Home ownership has decreased from 67.3% to 63.5%.

No shit? Do you remember that little economic crisis we had a few years ago? Home Ownership was really high in the 1500's in rural england but I assume you don't believe peasantry during a Monarchy is the best government for rural citizens (Then again you're a republican, so you probably do)

Health insurance costs have skyrocketed. The cost of a family plan has increased around 45% since 2008.

Thats because you didn't have health insurance plans in 2008, you paid 100 bucks for a doctor visit and an opium addiction. Half the point of Health Care reform was to force health insurance plans to actually offer coverage, which is going to increase the price of it. It's like you finally get a car that works and complaining that it costs more then he junk car in your garage that can't even start.

The number of people on food stamps increased by 11.6 million - an increase of about 36%.

Thats good? Lots of people need and needed foodstamps. It's not like the only people who get foodstamps are unemployed lazy dip shits. Single moms get food stamps, large families get food stamps, if you're in a big city you probably get food stamps.

But hey maybe I'm wrong and Trump will Make America Great Again (tm pls pay money to daddy trump or russia will release the video of a girl peeing on his fat ass).

Except Obama wasn't leading the democratic party for the past 8 years. He was running the country. You can debate his effectiveness on that. Unemployment down, job growth up, stock market up, wages rising for the first time in decades. But he wasn't leading the democratic party. Democrats would have won the white house if Obama ran again or they let Bernie Sanders be the nominee.

A terrorist fist jab!?

All presidents have a personal photographer follow them around.

Explain to me where in the Constitution it gives the president extrajudicial authority to conduct drone strikes that routinely kill innocent people, and sometimes kill terrorists that are a direct consequence of our foreign policy. If you can't, fuck right off.

No, the White House photographer has taken millions of pictures of Obama during his term. If every one of those was carefully staged, no one would have had time to do anything else. I'll grant you that the ones released are carefully selected, but they're not setting up special situations for everything.

I hope it's a Spider-Man thread.

Calvin Coolidge.

Unless you're Muslim. In which case we will kill you with our drones.

Or you're a whistle-blower. In that case, you will live out your life in prison or exile.

I bet they love you over on /sub/politics.

"Trump, Obama, and Hillary are all lizards" - Facebook

Now hold it click there we go it's a wrap.

Like you said, he left out a lot of the country. He cared about some people while completely ignoring other groups. Funny enough our first black president did an absolutely awful job on managing race relations. The lower to lower-middle class got some much needed help while the middle to higher-middle got fucked over in the process. He was a decent president at best. Seeing him praised like a hero all over reddit today for bullshit like this stupid photo-op has been obnoxious.

Alright, lets play a game. Name one president who has no innocent blood on his hands. GO!

Edit: results are in Calvin Coolidge and the 2 presidents who were in office less then 3 months.

Wow, he fist bumped a cleaning man! He's automatically an amazing man!!!

The federal debt has doubled under his administration.

The country has seen the worst economic growth under any President since Herbert Hoover. Obama is the only President since Hoover who hasn't had a single year with annual GDP growth of 3%.

The labor participation rate has declined from 65.8% to 62.8% under Obama. That number represents people 16 and older who are either working or actively seeking work.

Median household income has remained stagnant. That means that in practical terms, people earn the same today as they did 8 years ago.

Home ownership has decreased from 67.3% to 63.5%.

Health insurance costs have skyrocketed. The cost of a family plan has increased around 45% since 2008.

The number of people on food stamps increased by 11.6 million - an increase of about 36%.

And that's just the stuff you can measure. How about all the social unrest, racial tension, cops being assassinated, and terrorists gaining a foothold in our society? I'm a Gen-Xer, and I don't remember living through a time with more friction and uneasiness. There have been some bigger single events (like 9/11, Oklahoma City, etc.), but the last 8-10 years have been a long streak of social problems that don't seem to be getting any better. It's like a cancer slowly spreading.

Hey if it makes you feel any better were fucked no matter who we choose so long as we follow a 2 party system

Yah, Obama just bombs them in silence instead of admitting it publicly! Haha!

In what way has the country been run into the ground? I'm not trying to be snarky. I'm genuinely curious.

Man knows cameras are everywhere.

Unless your a white police officer.

Meanwhile #1 is NEVER FORGET AARON SWARTZ. Any disconnect here reddit?

not even looked in the eyes

those people were simply software developers

Yeah, I don't think software developers are particularly well known for their social skills.

Currently holds the record for most bombs dropped on a country we're not at war with. A true Peace-loving president.

But I mean that's probably why Obama fistbumped the cleaner, because there was a photographer walking a couple of metres ahead of him endlessly taking pictures. It's not particularly candid, is all.

The real problem is that people expect there is a good and a bad side to any conflict.

Thanks Obama!

Here is one you haven't seen: 6) A Republican praising Obama.

Obama's stewartship has been truly stellar.

His leadership has lead the Democratic party to being utterly decimated, having lost:

900+ state legislature seats 12 Governorships 69 House seat 13 Senate seats

The republicans now control the Senate, Congress, House with record 68 of 98 state legislative chambers.

RealClear Politics shows how the GOP is more powerful than it's been in 80 years. Even the Washington Post, a Democrat megaphone, had to admit that the GOP has completely crushed the Democrats and that things will get even worse come midterms.

Most Redditors are liberal and breathlessly celebrate Obama, they'll quickly respond to this about what a success he has been.

You don't have to try and spin him as being a positive force, I agree with you.

He delivered big on all that change he promised.

Obama straight up ran on a platform of using precision drone strikes to avoid having to put boots on the ground. Studies have shown that deploying soldiers causes a ridiculously larger amount of civilian casualties and destruction. Past president's have almost all proved that.

Obama is compared to a perfect president that lives in a perfect world where hard decisions don't have to be made.

You know that most of what you listed is Congress' responsibility, right?

Pretty sure he was considered a racist when he lead a campaign claiming the sitting president of the United States may be Kenyan. Not for him being a republican, which he always was, except for in the Bush years.

How can anyone watch this shit. This almost seems like The Onion material. "Terrorist Fist Bump".

I weep for the future.

I worked with some people that not even looked in the eyes of the ladies cleaning our office. And those people were simply software developers, nothing extraordinary.

So it means a lot when the man in the most powerful position in the world is decent enough to fist bump someone that a lot of other people out there would consider "inferior" because he has a simple job.

"Trump is a minority" -Buzzfeed

A highly successful business man over the course of 30 years is charming... Why are people so shocked by that?

Based on the fact it was taken by White House photographer Pete Souza along with something like 2 million others over the course of the last eight years. This one was taken in 2009 in a White House hallway after a Jobs and Economic Growth Forum.

Looks like it is leaning toward option 3!

I have observed multiple drone strike comments already.

Being President of the Unite States is not an easy job. You make life and death decisions everyday. You make decisions where no matter what you decide, people will die. So, in effect, you have to choose who will die. I hope you never have to make those kind of decisions in your life and if you do, I hope people aren't so quick to judge you so harshly. Obama made decisions that killed people and he made those decisions better than any world leader I have seen in my lifetime.

More like Obamacarma

People act like innocent people dying in war is a new thing. Sure it sucks, but people need a harsh reality check. It has always happened and will continue to happen, no matter who is in charge, especially when the enemy has absolutely no regard for innocent lives.

Meh it's not an anti-Obama post it's an I'm fucking sick of politics on social media post

And was against gay marriage.

Don't worry about it. He fisted a janitor.


Health care is a bigger diaster than before.

If you think healthcare was better before obama, you are out of your fucking mind.

Unsanitary five

Yeah Reddit ! Where are all the pictures where there was NO PHOTOGRAPHER PRESENT?!!!

Of course he does, he gave the cleaner a fist bump in front of a camera for a photo which was then released to public.

"What happened to the old pat on the back?"

he pats her on the back in the video as she is saying this

It's true, no other president has killed people who are actively fighting in wars before. Especially not Reagan.

Yet Hillary called young black men "superpredators," but nobody labeled her a racist

"What happened to the good old pussy grab?"

Un is espanol for singular, so un-armed works...

Just scratching the surface. I know.

You know the staff photographer follows constantly, snapping pictures, right? Hell, there was a thread here not but a few days ago that showcased thousands of pictures, candid and otherwise.

Welcome to the liberal circlejerk of reddit, its pathetic.

I wish I had more upvotes to give you. "GIVE ME PROOF!" "Ok, here it is" "I don't like having to listen to things that didn't come from my echochamber - I remain unconvinced"

It's like arguing with a five year old, isn't it?

You know how a sort of decent looking person looks great next to an ugly person? I kinda feel like that's Obama's presidency in a nutshell. He fucked up. A lot. Compared to the last guy though? He's looking pretty good. Even though GW Bush seems to be a really damn decent human being, post-presidency.

I'm that case, wouldn't your custom content filter be unsubscribing from r/politics?

Edit: and then I realize this is /sub/pics. Dammit