HTC Vive Pro revealed. Features a 78% increase in resolution and a 60GHz wireless addon

HTC Vive Pro revealed. Features a 78% increase in resolution and a 60GHz wireless addon
HTC Vive Pro revealed. Features a 78% increase in resolution and a 60GHz wireless addon

i long for the day where decent VR is affordable

Well over time you will. Look at phones, the low end phones have similar specs and power and previous year flagships. Progress just takes time. My gen 1 iPod touch used to be top of the line, now look at it 10 years later.

Wow that would be very cool news if I had extra 1k$ cash and not an old ass pc with GTX 660

10 years later.

So, maybe just before I’m dead. Sign me up!

No pricing included, but between the cost of a system like this, the cost of the supporting system (PC / consoles), and the cost of the content (truly good/immersive VR must be very hi-res or with high quality graphics) I just don't know how good adoption is going to be for another 5 years.

Will the price of the regular Vive drop because of this?

Increasing resolution and getting rid of the cable are huge for VR optimization. I have the current Rift, and once the screen door effect is gone and you can really utilize room scale it's going to be awesome. People talk adoption rate, but VR is more like 3D printers, only hobbyists will have them until they are relatively cheap/easy to run. When you correct the glaring problems and keep it at or below your old price point, you'll attract more buyers.

Most likely. I was planning on getting one this week but I think I'll wait a couple of weeks for it to drop

SLPT: if you’re that close to death max out a bunch of credit cards and have that rig today!

Plus a medium to high-end PC

For a combination input and display tech it seems reasonable at it's current pricing $550 to $600. Even if the new premium system goes back up to $800 it's still comparable in price to a decent ultrawide.

5870 for the win!

(at like 12 FPS these days)

$350 $400 isn't too bad.

edit: (in case you're confused I'm talking about the Rift here, not the Vive).

Just bought one a week ago, rip me.

All that power only to be used on VR Chat running around as a Ugandan Knuckles.

do u know de way

True. My thought is if we're doing PC gaming we probably have that anyway. But yeah, a higher-end GPU is a requirement and expensive.

It doesn't need to work perfectly. My biggest gripe with the Vive right now is how the cable gets tangled up so easily while you play. A few visual hiccups would be worth it to avoid having to manage the cable in addition to playing the game.

I see this like the Tesla strategy. Make something premium for enthusiasts, use the money to make it cheaper. The original Vive is likely getting a price cut soon, which might be the first step.

If only it worked well enough that I could kick one of those Knuckles guys so hard he lands in a different simulation.

Wow I give it way less. I think we are about to pop into maturity next gen

Y'all got any of them... discounted original Vives once this is released?

Honestly I think they should be working harder on increasing adoption rates. The more units out in the wild, the more software that will truly take advantage of it. People complain about lack of actual full fledged games. Great experiences can be had with the current rigs but until companies see a chance to make real money they'll shy away from investing heavily in development.

They should make simple VR "Boots", or things you clip onto your feet. Being able to kick shit in VR would be amazing as it would be concerning.

I wonder what's the catch of the wireless adapter. Too expensive, probably, but also I doubt it works flawlessly.

I've used both, ended up buying into the Vive though. The experience is infinitely better.

Some napkin math here for something I'm looking at doing.

Rebuild my desk into one of those sweet battlestation cockpit things. Get the monitors I'd like (2 27" monitors with a 34" in the middle - though I have a 2560x1080 34" now). Upgrade speaker setup.

I'm easily looking at $2k

Instead, I can get a decent custom HOTAS rig that fits my desk (or just a nicer desk setup) and VIVE Pro with wireless VR and probably (since we don't know the price still) spend less than just the new desk.

The downside is I have to get up a lot to deal with house stuff, so immersion setups might not have a decent usage.

When you're weighing the cost of a desk to make the external visuals work well and look good, vs a VR headset... it's almost at the point where I'm looking at the VR headset.

VRChat baby.

Are you taking into consideration that you need a big empty room to play in?

I long for the day when I can afford a house, so that VR is even an option for me :-(

Just stand in the middle of the forest without any clothes on. I heard it actually feels good to die from the cold.

uh you just explained why its great

It’s the graphics cards that are killing us, IMO. The price won’t drop until something changes about crypto currency mining situation.


Literally this.

2 hrs spent in Fallout 4VR

167 hrs spent in VRChat

FFS, I just bit the bullet after Christmas and bought the Vive+ new sound headgear.

840CAD. How much is the new kit?

But how do people know it feels good to die that way when the people who know are already dead :thinking emoji:

A little under 10 years too late for me hopefully.

Does it include Knuckles controllers or the old ones?

Your sense of temperature is based on heat transmission between your body and the environment, not actual temperature (which is why a cold piece metal will feel colder than a piece of rubber at the same temperature).

When you have hypothermia your body’s temperature falls below normal, and so heat transfer is reduced. If you get cold enough, your temperature will be close enough to the environment’s that you feel warm.

This, plus an increase of blood flow to extremities, among other factors.

(This is also actually one of the reasons that you will feel cold if you have a fever, but obviously in the reverse)

This is where I’d put my HTC Vive… IF I HAD ONE!

Actually we are doing well beyond Bluetooth e.g. first 5G deployment will be available on 2 years. BTW this wireless lookbook similiar to what todays prototypem od 5g equipment are. mmWave radio should get You low latency and throughput needed for VR

PSVR was $200 through most of the holiday season.

Oculus Rift dropped to $400 last July.

Once this new model comes out, I bet there will be a price reduction on the old one (or plenty of people selling their old one to help pay for the new)

Lookin good, but I'm still giving it 5 or 10 years to mature

Was googling yesterday if there was any news about a new Vive. Guess this answers it.

HTC has a 14 day return policy

No mention of knuckles in the announcement.

A 1050ti meets the minimum spec and that minimum spec is far from the actual minimum spec. I played VR on my cousins 750ti and it was super enjoyable. Once GPU Prices level out and the next gen of low end cards release it will be $100 for a VR Graphics Card

I don’t know what kinda car you’re buying, but I’m guessing it doesn’t run for more than a year...

Well, there's that and the higher DDR4 ram prices. Neither are helping anything.

Price is unannounced. Likely between usd 700 and 1000 at launch. The headset alone might be 500 to 800 for users who only want to upgrade

You've got something wrong if you're having problems with that.

Delete house stuff. Problem solved.

$350 in america sure, here in new zealand it's 860USD + a good pc to run it is like 1.7kUSD

"but it's not for anything more than a party trick." is the most ridiculous statement I've ever seen. I find it hard to believe you've used a Rift.

Completely agreed. They are both excellent systems with their own merits and drawbacks. Source: have owned both since their respective day 1. Still use both.

Literally how I feel, this thing is going to be probably like $700 on its own at least, but then you remember you also have to get your PC up to speed to make it worthwhile.

I'm saving up to upgrade my PC then get this and it looks like the total cost is gonna be around $2500...

Sure, a few visual hiccups wouldn't hurt. The problem is if it's more than just a few. We haven't yet mastered simpler and more widespread technologies like Bluetooth, go figure... How does the tech work? Does it have a range limit? Line of sight with the receiver? It probably uses batteries too...

Listen man if I wanna ride a roller coaster as Sam Fisher with a bunch of furries and anime girls that's my right

The tracking is practically the same with no noticeable differences, only that Vive can track a much larger area.

Almost everyone prefers Oculus Touch compared to Vive wands. It's down to preference of course, but the people have spoken about what they want in a controller. Why do you think Valve are making the Knuckles controllers? Pimax too?

The display is also something that most people find more comfortable with Rift, unless you get the deluxe audio strap for Vive, at which point it's more comfortable on the Vive.

"but it's not for anything more than a party trick." is the most ridiculous statement I've ever seen. I find it hard to believe you've used a Rift.

Tracking is noticably 'crisper' and more accurate (visual representation of controllers and lighthouses in VR), The controllers are very adaptable for any VR game. The display is far more comfortable and visually less blurry. Don't get me wrong, the Oculus is a good for its price, but it's not for anything more than a party trick.



What kind of 750ti does your cousin have???

I'll probably sell mine, so there will be cheap used ones.

I bought into VR early, and though part of that's because I'm a hobbyist developer, a big part of it is that I wanted to support that developing ecosystem. After all, making VR content becomes a safer decision the more people buy headsets. I think we're fairly close to reaching that critical mass of users where the bus will start driving itself.

I run my Vive mostly fine on a 670 FTW, the only games it can't handle is Raw Data and Onward that I have found so far. No idea how it does it but I've been using it happily for a year now.

It's 60ghz wifi. Strictly LOS. The unit will likely mount on top of the top headstrap, so it should rarely if ever be occluded from a base station. There is a battery, if it's smart it'll be clipped to your waist instead of adding extra weight to the hmd.

I have a vive, a 7 year old i7, and a 970 and it's never skipped a beat.

It's not going to run everything on ultra settings, but it works great and no one that has used it at my house has ever felt the need to comment on performance issues with any of the dozens of games I've got.

If TPCast can deliver a consistent 90fps 99% of the time (in my experience) with parts cobbled up from existing market tech, then HTC can definitely do it better with a specifically designed device, methinks.

He does not noe de way.

This is a game changer and no one has gotten tangled up once.

I was discussing with my friends how I was worried there would be a new 2.0 headset revealed with a higher resolution because Fallout VR seems a little hampered by lack of clarity. Then this happened, it's almost funny really.

I doubt you could buy/build a VR capable PC for $600 in this current market. A year ago, sure. Today though?

I love popping into maturity.

How would you get rid of the VR motion sickness? I think it's just a problem with the concept of VR. You see yourself moving and your body is not feeling the movement.

NZ: expensive VR and glitter boobs USA: less expensive VR and a president that taunts nuclear war.

I’d trade with you.

Not to mention second hand and used ones now.


You can probably return it, or just enjoy it until summer 2018, which is when all of the 2nd gen hardware will probably get released (wireless adapter, knuckle controllers, base stations 3.0?, etc.). idk. Personally I'd just return it, lol.

Yeah, even if the headsets were truly nailed down then there is still the biggest problem of a lack of quality content.

It's like the PS3 when it was first released, it took a long time for the catalogue of games to beef up and make the PS3 a worthwhile purchase (for me).

Where most of the current VR glasses need to improve is lowering the VR sickness and higher resolution, imo. Some people, more than I thought, tend to get motion sick really quick, there lag must stay as low as possible. They also can't read anything if you don't double or triple the font size, that's why the resolution needs to be better. The newer versions of VR glasses were getting better and better, so I'm looking forward to it.

You are constantly in all kind of fields (smartphone, radio, TV). If it doesn't exceed certain power threshold than it should be no different from the phone (and I'm pretty sure you won't be able to sell it in EU unless it does).

I immediately thought you were talking about the furry porn account guy.

It's basically the price of a 4k monitor... So prices will come down eventually but currently its really quite high and I understand why. We will see it in the next decade for sure baring some terrible market crash.

$600 PC + $200 headset isn't that bad. It will get better over time at least.


Yeah, but I doubt that many games support it, Plus I'm imagining accidentally kicking something of importance could be an issue

I read something about China banning crypto mining because it's taxing their power grid so much.

He said "affordable VR".

Exactly what I think as well BUT by then VR will be so old school and lame, everyone is going out and buying the latest gtx 1580ti and playing around with the all new HTC astral projection machine!

... going to need a bigger change jar.


Didn't it drop by like 100$ before winter holidays?

This is very wrong... text is easier to read on rift as a tradeoff of slightly lower FOV than Vive, but with exact same resolution.

Rift controllers are better, and so is headset comfort unless you wear eyeglasses.

Tracking is the same, too, if you get the 3rd sensor. I've been doing roomscale Rift for 6 months with 0 tracking issues.

You think that's the only one price? In Poland it costs over 3000 PLN. Minimum salary here is 1500 (netto). For average person you must save 1-2 salaries to get HTC Vive. Nice deal... Of couse you need a high-end PC and big room as a bonus.

This is satire right

Delete house stuff. Problem solved.

I tried that, but my sim got angry and depressed.

He would have died in a kitchen fire.. if he had a kitchen left.

You can return it within 14 days in america.

I stand up my bed and play in a small bedroom (someday will have proper vr space). I must be cautious playing gorn but any locomotion game I usually play seated with no issue.

5770 still kicking here. I have so many old games I haven't played yet that it makes no sense to upgrade.

Now can you explain to me why I see you everywhere?

Considering the price of the current Vive, and how much this new Vive Pro is going to be, i'd say pretty damn expensive. The current Vive is what right now? 600$? Thats almost double the price of an Oculus lmao.