How to win any argument

Perfect representation of politics.

I paid for that wince to be in the direction of the ladies, dammit

/sub/nobodywillnotice Hope They will appreciate it.

The one sport I am glad to see staged.. I broke my humerus while arm wrestling. Surprisingly a common injury. I made a full recovery without surgery, but I will always cringe over these videos and gifs.

Actually I found it to be quite humerus.

My wife takes all my money and I've yet to win an argument.

Wow I bet that wasn't very funny for you.

Thanks For Suggestion. I hope they will like it.

Take the money, and still win. Literally win/win.

Then next time the other guy won't try to bribe you again.

Perfect representation of human nature.


What a bro. That faked painful face at the end

have you tried arm wrestling her

Of course.

Hopefully they will notice.

my arm hurts just from reading this

I need a recovery nap

Then the next time nobody tries to pay him. He's in it for the money, not the win.