How to read a map of the 2017 eclipse

How to read a map of the 2017 eclipse

My mom lives right in the path of the solar eclipse and it just happens to be on my sisters birthday. Sounds like we are gonna take an awesome birthday road trip to visit my mom.

So that yellow stripe with blue writing, that's the area with the most clouds right? Like total cloud cover? That's my experience with these sorts of things.

Every campground, motel, and small town shit motel in path of totality from Lincoln NE to the west coast is booked that day. Gonna be mayhem. I booked for a campground in Oregon that was 80 miles away (only thing left) and then realized driving on the only two-lane highway to the eclipse was probably going to be impossible that day. Best bet now I'm thinking will be rough camping in the plains somewhere, where there's lots of open space and roads.

I've been planning for 3 years and have 3 spots lined up so I can move in case the weather does not cooperate.

Super rare for the continental US. The last one was 1979 and that didn't cross from pacific to atlantic. The last time that happened was in 1918. So this is basically once in a lifetime.

Holy shit are you serious? I was going to book a month in advance. Holy crap I did not realize this was the case.

be a shame if you suddenly and unexpectedly died beforehand wouldn't it? for a small fee i can make sure that doesn't happen.

Your sister has an amazing birthday!

Source: also my birthday

Details at

Well, although it won't be coast to coast like this year's eclipse, the April 8, 2024 eclipse also, oddly enough, has a path of totality crossing this path of totality in southern Illinois.

Just like the transit of Venus.

How often do these happen?

The 2024 eclipse path of total eclipse goes right over my house, I'm very excited.

I live around the base of the zero in the "2 min 40 sec" in GA. I'm confidant that it'll still be cool.

I totally read "path of total eclipse -- the most amazing shit of your lifetime!"

Hello fellow August 21st birthdarians.

I live in Wyoming and apparently even places here are charging exorbitant fees to let people have accommodations because most places are already fully booked.

Wyoming. Fully booked. You only hear those words if it's Frontier Days and you live in Cheyenne usually.

If you look up tonight you might be able to see venus with your own eyes.

*and if anything what I saw was the shadow of venus.

Yes! Saw it in Europe in the late 90s and I will never forget that! When it is the middle of the day and it gets dark and cold and every bird stop singing and there is a red dawn like light not only west but in the north, south and east horizon too that is a feeling that you will never forget!

In the shade of the moon.

Kansas City is literally split in half by the totality path:

Kansas City is literally split in half by the totality path:

I live in Kansas City, but I can't see if it's actually in the path because of the lettering.

Still, its neat to be able to see an actual planet with your own eyes.

RemindMe! on 8/20/2017

Hey everybody... This guy can control eclipses!!

well, just got a little sad again.

Venus is bright as fuck, you can see Venus every night right now.

Doesn't that mean you have to burn her as a witch?

I was planning on sleeping in my car the night before in the spot I want to view it from. I would like to hike to a spot in a national park (cough yellowstone) but figured it would probably be covered in people.

heart one

What type of total eclipse is that?

A solar one, or a ?

Well she does float, which means she must weigh the same as a duck, and therefore made of wood.... Holy crap you're right!

AWWW YISSSS....Middle Tennessee finally gets some

It's such an honor to meet so many of us

Get on it.