How to invite people to sit 101

How to invite people to sit 101

We recognize the chair, and the chair recognizes us

only somewhat interesting passage out of all of them

he was basically just nailing annoying people who talk about themselves a lot

I couldn’t even understand that one after 5 readings

I liked the 18th century one. It was funny

And saying that they could all fix their flaws if they spent any time actually trying but they just go on being annoying anyway.

The end was particularly funny when he said that it was fitting that other people cared so little about what they have to say because the annoying people don't care about anyone else to begin with.

Jesus you're fast

I am one with the chair and the chair is with me.

How about, “Why don’t you take a seat right over there” ~ Chris Hansen

Are chairs a social construct??? Are they even real???

Ikr I literally just made this exact same meme and was about to post smh