how to confirm a kill

Best part is that firestrike somehow didn't destroy any turrets lol

You're forgetting the most important rule of overwatch, it's always worth it if it was funny.

Rip that Ana ult.

It's about sending a message. Lol.

Knowing my luck, if I did that, Symmetra would just be nudged gently to the side while I got microwaved in surround sound.

Justice will be done

So totally came in here to post this. WTF is up with that hitbox.

Didn't say it wasn't worth it. Just rest in pepperonis.

that firestrike lmao

Worth it

i thought i could get both turrets LOL

Fire Strike gets shorter as it travels. It’s horizontal hitbox is massive, however...

This is minor /sub/hitboxporn

”how to confirm a kill”

Yeah not with my luck, she would have just been booped far away, while other Reinhardt’s seems to suck me in with their charge

That's some top-level BM right there.

This is much better than retirement!