How to avoid your stream getting taken down

How to avoid your stream getting taken down

Dude puts himself on the line for others to see the PPV and gets snitched on by tons of people talking bout “omg look what he did”. How bout y’all stfu and learn to appreciate favors on the DL?

Did he win?

He streamed the whole fight but got banned


Twitch cant do MUCH, I think. But if UFC went for

So he won.

He can never lose

He was still banned for 24 hours.

For just 24 hours, though.

So he took a mandatory day off?


preach it brother

Maybe he WAS actually playing and the graphics are just that good.

I, personally, saw him on twitch. Sure, they can ban him. But UFC could very well.sue him for a LOT. That's faaaar worse than a ban

Their best bet is to publicly congratulate him for figuring out a creative way to get around it, then say they're okay with what he did but please don't do it again.

It would make them look good, but let people know it's not okay.

Rather than trying to sue him and everyone thinking they're just a bunch of dicks.

I think it was on youtube. But either way the platform can do all sorts of things like banning and whatnot.

looks like this is a real fight, they want people to pay for those, not broadcast them.

It's like that jackass that wrote an article about people uploading movies to porn sites. They clamped down on that shit right away after that. Fucking narcs.

Where do you think we are? This is the internet. People suck.

True, they probably could, and they probably will in the future, but it's also worked out as some pretty sick viral advertising for them.


Here's the clip.

Considering the amount of publicity this has gotten, I would imagine his viewer numbers have shot up big time. Definitely a win IMO.

Fuckin narcs

He took one for the team.

Yeah dude got snitched on by reddit

They almost are at this point... Until your fighter gets pinned into the cage and airhumps it from the outside while his opponent pins empty air where he should be.

This is pure genius

Ah yeah I didn't see it live and the comments said it was on youtube. My bad.

Also when streaming is your job and twitch is paying you getting banned is pretty much like getting fired. Feels bad man.

The physics on the other hand...

Hmm, ok, I guess they could say something like that, then add "Next one and everyone afterwards get's sued by us" shrug

So, potentially open themselves up to a lawsuit from the rights holders? Doubt that would be worth it for a little reputation bump..

Got off easy there, the potential UFC lawsuit won't be so nice.

We all in 2017 while hes in 3019

Not saying I agree with the above post, because I don't. But I see his point I think. He doesn't want to pay for the fight, he is paying to be entertained, and some fights are terrible at entertaining the audience

A fights a fight. You don’t pay for lottery tickets only when you win.

" avoid getting copyrighted."

That's not what copyrighted means.

I mean, hard to publicly share something discretely

I'm confused. Who is issuing the copyright?

Well, I mean, you know that even saying "No copyright infringement intended" doesn't mean anything, right?

It's like going down the freeway at 120mph with a sign that says, "no speeding intended."