How to activate blep mode in your cat

Why not share the bigger one!

Tried it, got sneezed on instead.

Cuteness overload.


Seriously, that cat HAS to have some idea of just how ridiculously adorable he or she is being. It's just too much not to be on purpose.

I think cats have developed cuteness as a survival technique. They know if they act cute, we humans will want to be around them and feed them and take care of them.

Hrmmm I will have to test this on my two fuzzballs.

I'm convinced that we only domesticated cats because they're fun to watch.

Cats give us a lot. They are great companions, they can be loyal, they are so soft to pet, and they are so adorable and fun to be around. Cats are the best pet a person could have.

selective breading


This would definitely activate maim and destroy mode with my cat.