How many of Scott Boras' 14 nine-figure contracts have worked out?

How many of Scott Boras' 14 nine-figure contracts have worked out?

Scott Boras has negotiated 14 nine-figure contracts. It should become 17 soon with free agents Eric Hosmer, J.D. Martinez and Jake Arrieta as his clients.

How many of these contracts worked out for the signing teams; how many didn't?

Let's discuss ...

Alex Rodriguez

10 years, $275 million (December 2007 with Yankees).

This obviously didn't work out for the Yankees, although he did help them win the 2009 World Series

Alex Rodriguez

10 years, $252 million (December 2000 with Rangers).

ARod opted out after the 2007 season. You certainly can make the case this deal wasn't a bad one for the team or else he wouldn't have opted out and the Yankees wouldn't have re-signed him to another 10-year contract.

Prince Fielder

9 years, $214 million (August 2014 with the Tigers).

Yeah, this contract didn't go so well.

Max Scherzer

7 years, $210 million (January 2015 with Nationals).

Back-to-back Cy Youngs is pretty, pretty good.

Mark Teixeira

8 years, $180 million (December 2008 with Yankees).

He helped the Yankees win a World Series in 2009, but averaged 98 games over the final five seasons.

Stephen Strasburg

7 years, $175 million (extension with Nationals, May 2016).

Still a long way to go. He has a player opt-out clause after the 2019 and 2020 seasons.

Jacoby Ellsbury

7 years, $153 million (December 2013 with Yankees).

Yikes. This deal doesn't look good at all, does it?

Shin-Soo Choo

Contract: 7 years, $130 million (December 2013 with Rangers).

.779 OPS so far and he's no longer much of a stolen base threat.

Barry Zito

7 years, $126 million (December 2006 with Giants).

Definitely the worst contract here. 4.62 ERA over the seven years.

Jayson Werth

7 years, $126 million (December 2010 with Nationals).

Sorry for the pun, but not "werth" it.

Matt Holliday

7 years, $120 million (January 2010).

Sure, he had some injury problems late in the contract but he earned his money with a .863 OPS.

Elvis Andrus

8 years, $120 million (extension with Rangers in April 2013, has player opt-out clauses after 2018 and '19).

The contract began in 2015. So far, he's played well.

Carlos Beltran

7 years, $119 million (January 2005 with Mets).

He missed time in 2009 and '10 with knee problems but he posted a .872 OPS over his 883 games there.

Kevin Brown

7 years, $105 million (December 1998 with Dodgers).

72-45 record with a 3.23 ERA in 164 starts.

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Evaluating contracts based on expected $/war

1 win = 8 million on the 2017 market, salaries adjusted for inflation

07 Arod: 32.8 WAR in ~280 million dollars.

Yankees paid 8.5 Million per win, Slightly overpaid

00 Arod: 66.7 WAR in ~200 million dollars

Rangers/Yankees paid 3 million per win. Very good contract

Prince fielder

may his back rest in peace

Scherzer: 20.6 WAR in ~61 million dollars.

Nationals paid 2.96 million per win. Very good contract

Mark Teixeira: 20.6 WAR in ~187 million dollars.

Yankees paid 9 million per win. Not that great of a contract

at this point im bored and going to get dinner so enjoy those 5

That Mark Teixiera deal landed us Trout so I ain't complaining

Werth's contract turned out pretty well for the Nationals

A lot of us sf fans feel that Zito's 2012 performance made his contract worth it.

He was the catalyst in turning around the team

This is a much better way to do this than to just go "meh, that one was a bust, lol"

He was amazing against the Cards and Verlander. I think it was pretty worth it

This obviously didn't work out for the Yankees, although he did help them win the 2009 World Series

A-Rod gets noooo fucking respect around here. Two MVPs and Ring for $275m is a deal.

It was organizationally the best thing to happen to the team, regardless of his stats.

I concur. I took back all the saltiness I previously felt for him.

No way the A-Rod contract didn’t work out for us. If I have to do it again, I do, 10/10 times. The man is one of the best to play the game and we wouldn’t have had 2009 without him.

Yup, that elimination game against the Cardinals was worth 126m and then some.

Really we should thank the Mets for signing K-Rod because that's where pick #24 came from; if we hadn't had consecutive picks, we would have taken Trout at 24 instead of Grichuk. But the supplemental pick from the Yankees became Tyler Skaggs and that was useful.

So basically ARod in aggregate was a pretty/very good contract.

99.5 War at $480 million = $4.82 million per WAR.

All of them for his clients.

I remember the whole argument at the time was “we have to overpay to attract talent” or something in a similar vein

Finally someone says it.

I don't care what you think about him, A-Rod is one of the greatest players to ever play the game, end of story.

That elimination game against the Cards was worth the 126m and then some, Verlander game was all Pablo.

dodger flair

You lose a bet or something

So you're a Yankees and a dodgers fan...