Bacon at a mosque gets you 15 years. Sneaking across the border seven times and shooting a gun, resulting in the death of an innocent woman, gets you no time at all. What fucked up times we live in...

drugging and gang raping little girls in Europe - TOTALLY OKIE DOKIE 👌(if you are an inbred barbarian from Pakistan)

And a kid stabbed and killed his room mate and got 3 years. Fucking Muslims. Fucking Muslim privilege.

Because this is still America. This 4th time offender literally went in and trashed and vandalized someone's personal property. No one gave a shit about the bacon. If he had done this to a Christian church the charge and sentence would have been the same.

Don't get me wrong. I'm all for bacon Fridays at the Mosque, but let's not get jaded as to what is right, moral and practical in our world. This guy is a degenerate loser that can't control himself and the fact that he raged against a Mosque in his latest outburst shouldn't make him any sort of hero or martyr.

Or Polanski

drugging and raping a little girl is totally okie dokie if you are a Hollywood mogul, as well (Roman Polanski)

Still, 15 years? Jeffery Epstein known admitted pedophile 18 months, ankle monitor

This is the case that needs to go to SCOTUS for review.

This is America. We do not criminalize thought. The only bacon-related crime he committed was littering.

He also vandalized the place.

This is in my back yard too. Shameful.

To be fair, he needs some punishment, but 15 years is outrageous. And the local news paper keeps hyping the "Hate Crime Multiplier" theme.

And apparently was a felon in possession of a weapon.

Ah here is the real gist of the story, that is an automatic 5 right there. Repeat felon committing felony and I bet they gave his ass a hate crime designation.

he vandalized the place and i'm pretty sure that i read that he was a multiple time felon

Agreed. He's a dickhead whose latest target was a mosque.

That’s a good way to distill the issue. This was one of the worst cases of littering I’ve seen (raw meat in a place of worship) and should receive a harsh sentence as far as littering goes. What’s the max fine for littering in Florida? $600 fine and 60 hours community service?

Dude is a nut. He belongs in jail.

Although the bacon in a mosque meme always makes me laugh.


Full story

Yeah, and Bill Clinton is a rapist and got no time and was president.

I agree that it was a tragic waste of bacon, but 15 years is still kind of harsh.

Ok smashing windows, lights, and surveillance cameras with a machete is way more than just leaving bacon. Still the sentence doesn't fit the crime. For the record, always leave a trail of bacon.

I think people are understandably, but mistakenly, using the the relative closeness of this story with the Kate Steinle verdict in the news cycle. Different cases. Different judges.

But people are going tit for tat, saying that a multiple felon American who hasn't hurt a human gets 15 years, while mulitple felon illegal immigrant who was deported 5 times and murdered a woman gets nothing.

You can't simply just do this case-by-case in our justice system, but I understand the urge. And at first glance it is highly infuriating.

This is ridiculous! Which Judge did this and where? (the bacon one).

Epstein had blackmail on powerful people. This guy has jack and shit. Him getting 15 and Epstein getting 18 months and the whole privilege of wealth and access putting its thumb down on the scales of justice shows just how royally fucked everything is.

Hate crimes also only go one way...

Poor pig, desecrated by a mosque.

Time is coming when "the law" is going to find itself swinging from a tree.

yea they did charge him with a hate crime.

now the 15 makes sense. begs the question, would the same court and prosecutor do the same to a Muslim man who desecrated a church?

Yeah, destructive vandalization, not just a mess to clean up. And he has a history.

Stolen gun... It was a stolen gun.