How does this happen? Either way I'm happy.

How does this happen? Either way I'm happy.

She's stalking you.

Yep, OP should be careful, she might find out where he lives.

That's what I thought, that she was avoiding me. Last night she said "well, I'm a little socially awkward, so I just didn't know what to say to you". Go for it man. Spark up a conversation about anything.

I wish this would happen to me, I have a hot neighbor but she has actively avoided me.

Dont bother yourself then. Chances are that was the brush off. At least you gave it a go though so kudos random internet person.

I offered to help her carry up some large supplies she was sitting next to her car with. As I was walking up she pulled up a locked iPhone and started talking into it. Refused any help, Then after a while she carried it all up herself.

I don't eat in my bathroom...probably won't eat in her's either.

So you really met your neighbor on a website, instead of IRL. Thank god we have these modern communication tools...

I tried talking to her previously. She is quiet and private. Hell, she goes running at 1 am because she likes it.

I want to believe you, and I want to root for you. Suspiciously upvoted

Here's what I know about women. If she thinks you're cute she'll avoid you because she's shy. If she thinks you're ugly she'll avoid you because you're ugly. The difference between these doesn't matter because you're so shy and awkward you'll never approach her to find out. And that, boys and girls, is how I never met your mother.

don't shit where you eat!


If she 'found' you on this dating site, then she's definitely stalking you.

I don't eat in my bathroom

That would apply if he said "don't eat where you shit". He's saying not to drop a deuce in the kitchen. Or hers, frankly.

Settle the fuck down, guys.

I own my house...I'm not leaving because at some point in time we may not like each other. Furthermore, I've only had 2 break ups in 20 years of dating that were so bad, I wouldn't want to see the other person again.

Sounds like you set your match proximity search to 500 feet.

Way to cast that net, chum.

Yea man, if he sees his neighbor outside his house, he should get worried.