How does this exist?

How does this exist?

It's almost as bad as that font your phone has 😐

There are so many rip offs on mobile

Why do so many people have this as their font, and why are they all taking screen shots?!

Surely the app store can stop something like this from being published?

Not really i dont remeber the name but a game was exactly clash of clans renamed with some textures changed.And yes the name had clash of in the title

"corporations". These are 1 or 2 man teams stealing code and changing some assets then republishing.

Yeti GameDev literally uses screenshots from Grand Theft Auto.

In the words of jeremy clarkson "the phrase copyright infringement does not seem to translate well into mandarin"

While many people are able to find the option to switch their phone's fonts they seem incapable of finding new ones, so they choose the most 'interesting' one, IE this nasty trash.

Source: my brother's one of these sub-humans



That's more than most AAA games can say

Honestly that's fucking incredible. I'm genuinely stunned by how lazy corporations have become

Look at the screenshots for this


The Pokémon rip offs are quite rampant as well

Great The Auto Vip City

A suprise to be sure, but a welcome one

I think he/she means the original copyright holders, who got too lazy to sue the infringements.

You are confusing trademark law with copyright law.


- Plot

- Interesting, exciting plot

Wow, now it really caught my attention!

What about bird law?


Chinpo means penis in japanese.

With root, yes. Some OEM skins had an option to change fonts from a small list of included ones though, and I'm pretty sure this horrible one was on Samsung.

You can even make a custom font with your own handwriting. I did it and promptly changed it back

and couldn't find the option to change it back. My handwriting is illegible.

Even then, it's arguably not worth the hassle.

Lol dude. At least this guy went to the effort of applying a hue filter in Photoshop. Most app store ripoffs just literally take screenshots of another game and post them as advertisement for their own. This isn't new.

The broken English description is hilarious

You can even make a custom font with your own handwriting. I did it and promptly changed it back

Actually, they're legally obligated to protect their work from infringement. If they let stuff like his happen, it loosens their claim to their own intellectual property, meaning a judge can rule in favor of it being essentially public domain because it wasn't defended.

Can you add your own font in android?

The real crime is that ridiculous font you've chosen for your phone. Shame on you OP.

1,000,000 - 5,000,000 Installs, Holy mother

please ordered attack! .. lol

"Yeah you can copy my homework but make sure to change it a little"

Zeus is a Greek god.... Holy shit Google get your shit together.

Low effort and they're making a profit

Great The Auto 5

I'm wheezing, omg..

Try being in the social casino space. I had an app taken down because I used the name Zeus and apparently someone who owns a trademark on the term "Zeus video slots" felt my name of "Zeus casino" was too similar and reported it to Google. Google to down my app saying I couldn't use the term "Zeus" at all.

Oh and apparently cesears owns that word as well, so pretty much good luck using any god name.

Before I create/name a game I make sure to do my due diligence, but at the end of the day whatever the big guy tells Google is what will happen. There is no "reply to this message to state your case" link just an email that says you're not as important as this other company, so you know what we had to do.

That was an amazing killing spree... BY THE ENEMY TEAM!

Everything is a copy of a copy of a repost of a repost... Check out the game "Mean Greens".

What's with your font?

Look at the gameplay....

Of course they can if TF2 reports it. Google can't be pre-emptive in all of these things. They don't keep track of TF2's latest artwork and literally every other software in the history of the world. It's up to the developer to send Google a C&D and Google will almost definitely take it down. It's the same with Apple.

so nice they pitched it twice

It's not comic sans tho

Hey, kind of like Reddit!!

If I could do next to nothing and have people still give me millions I'd do it too. I blame the people who play them not the companies for giving people what they want

It's everything bad about comic sans exaggerated.


Exactly, which is why they don't have a tm on Zeus by itself, but Google doesn't care. 

We also had an ancient Olympian game that had an icon similar to this and Caesars had it taken down claiming that they owned the trademark on Caesar and that our icon was in violation.

Exactly, which is why they don't have a tm on Zeus by itself, but Google doesn't care.

We also had an ancient Olympian game that had an icon similar to this and Caesars had it taken down claiming that they owned the trademark on Caesar and that our icon was in violation.



Chinese game developers are pretty notorious for playing successful games, recording all the art assets cached in their computer's GPU and then making their own games with it. It's why we don't publish games to China even though it has more people than anywhere else in the world.

Go home, /sub/prequelmemes

Not. Yet.


It really doesn't, but it's just as bad.

I love that there's an ad for a different knockoff game in this knockoff game.

Lmao yeah, Valve are going to lose the rights to Team Fortress because someone edited their art for their own use. Some things don't deserve a court battle, this is one of them.

The question we all should be asking

grab that auto 5

You can have this when you take it from my cold dead hands. And even then good luck. Because I will have glued it to my cold dead hands.

Hey, kind of like Reddit!



And painted in another rim light. You'd think if they already made that much effort, they'd take it a little bit further to mask the source, but no.

There's no laws protecting creative concepts, which is honestly a good thing, but using copyrighted or trademarked material is where you can get hit.

So, concept rip-offs, games that are basically copy-pasted gameplay, mechanics, etc, with different art, names, and so on, are okay. While we get a lot of shit on easy-to-develop-for-platforms, it also means honest developers don't get shit on by big companies for actually good games that are influenced by others.

Can we just collectively report their apps for copyright infringement?

There even is a cursor in the first screenshot.

I love how people are downvoting you for having an opinion

Everything is a copy of a copy of a repost of a repost... Check out the game "Mean Greens".

Liberty City - the grim concrete jungle inhabited dangerous predators. In the same predator you'll have to be in order to survive!

Wtf you're not lying.

This party's over.

Can't it bee reported to the vendor, though? Couldn't the Play Store receive a takedown notice?

IANAL but from quick searching it doesn't seem like you can trademark a historical figure.

Would be better if it was comic sans


The prison camp?

It's because the Chinese do not care about patents or trademarks.

Plus there are enough modifications that automatic checking shouldn't find that it's the same art- there's a button added and some extra chips on the helmet which might be enough to throw off checkers. Also it would require them to check every new artwork against every copyrighted resource ever produced.

I think it's because it's easier to read. That's what my dyslexic friend says anyway, he could be bullshitting me though.

Hey, kind of like Reddit! (full version free)

I've heard this as well. Supposedly Comic Sans is actually quite useful for dyslexics due to the inconsistent shape of letters. My teacher also uses it for assignment instructions because it's allegedly been shown to slow people down and prevent skimming so they actually read the requirements.

I doubt he was talking about castle clash, both games came out about the same time and are massively different. Probably Clash of Kings.

Wouldn't it be wingdings? Like, almost literally?

You don't want to know how much revenue these apps generate. Just look the other way.

These mobile app companies are different than your typical gaming company. They are LITERALLY designed around micro transactions, and to make a profit. NOT TO make quality games. I work in Internet Marketing and getting users to install these apps makes A LOT of people a shit ton of money. The developers don't even pay for leads unless a % of the users you send them pay for stuff in-game or play a certain amount of time. You can make enough money to retire.

So it's treason then.

Yeah it uh, makes me feel really welcome lol

I doubt many of those stayed installed for long.

It's a secret conspiracy in which the lizard men use these disgusting fonts to mildly infuriate us all the time and eventually take control of our mind when we are at peak mildly-infuriated levels.

The more you know

Grab That Auto 5


Please ordered attack!

Hmm , I wonder which Asian country came out with this one...

I'm sorry you were born with impaired sense of design. It's not life threatening, but you may experience complications.

To irritate people like you.

Yeah right? Absolutely terrible..... I'd never use that sort of font!

quickly changes phone font

I think it's an LG joint, and last I knew you could add fonts without rooting. Did so on my note4 despite never rooting but I dunno if I did something special.

That's fuckin dumb, I'd understand if there was some way of fucking your shit up through changing it but come on... why make customizing your experience such a fucking pain?

Oh wait, so you can pay them I'd wager.

Not from Tim Cook


Still a lot of money, Probably 75,000,000+ ads has been shown (99% sure this is a game that as an ad that pops up when you open it)

Monthly subscriptions are far superior to the freemium bullshit most games have become

Is it possible to learn this power?

chinpokemon means rare pokémon in japanese

Companies can't always afford to devote the necessary time and labor to copyright enforcement.