How do I talk to girls?

How do I talk to girls?

You must press A on a gamepad. If you're on PC, try E or F

i tried, but instead of talking to her i rested for one hour on the floor

pressed a, doesn´t work...maybe keyboard is broken

thanks, i will try that!

Try E first though, F may make you pay respects instead.


48 hour hold on sex -press start- -load last save-

Best advice ever. I still can't talk to girls, unless they are lesbian, in which case I have several female buddies.

If it doesn't go as planned press pause, quit and restart from your last save point. Careful, though, the enemy AI in this game is progressive, adaptable and learns from your play style.

I always have so much trouble finding the button.

It would be so much helpful if you had multiple choice questions and answers with a percentage of success calculated. I see no other way of understanding girls to be honest.

Options limited though. ESRB says this is rated T.