"How did you get up there?"

Goats are just like cats with horns that you can milk.

Except I milk stray cats in my free time, so I guess they're just like cats with horns.

Pretty sure goats can just noclip through time and space at will.

...I have nipples, can you milk me?

The better question is: How is he going to get down?

I'd like to.

Goat Simulator seems to be getting more and more realistic.

Serious question: can goats climb down from these precarious perches or do they often get themselves stranded?

Goats climbing large trees

Both is the real answer. I used to have several kinder goats growing up that would often get up on the roof of the house, climb an Oak tree and just about anything else they could get a foothold on. They are very agile at climbing and repelling, but even the best of them fall from time to time.

Goats falling from large trees

Same goes for cliffs, mountains and even dams.

it's a skyrim glitch. just go in somewhere that requires a loading screen then come back out. the goat should be in its normal place.

How did I get here?

How do you get milk out of their horns?

If I had a goat I would call it Idspispopd.

Goats can and will climb anything.

Yes. But not from your nipples...

You can take the goat out of the mountains, but you can't take the mountain out of the goat.

"Can't get down. This is baaaaad."

How did he get there?!

He was goated into it

Letting the days go by, let the water hold me down

No Dave, we've been over this.

Tropical goat

He hoofed it.

Baaaaaad decision was made.

Best palm tree joke I heard was on never mind the Buzzcocks. Keith Richards once fell out of one and broke an arm (true). Show host "did he not know cocaïne doesn't come from coconuts?"

In his defense, the tree was actually being blown over bent to the ground when he got on.