How could I forget?

I love Tom's happy face in this scene.

Andy is me after a couple drinks

Everyone talks about "Jim face", but Tom does this every time something wacky or awkward is going on around him. And I love it

LESLIE: "Shauna, I'm going to get you the number for the Pawnee therapist, Dr. Richard Nygard."

SHAUNA: "My mother told me a woman should never make the first move."

LESLIE: "That doesn't apply to therapy."

Mark Brandanaquits

He’s me before extensive martial arts training.

Oh, uh, also, Mark. Again, we don't have those extra small condoms you ordered. I called the factory, it's going to take a special order. Not just because of the size, but because of the weird shape as well. Something they've never dealt with before.

20% awkward, 80% amused.

Batman Can't Stop Thinking About Sex

The actress who plays Shauna also played Talia al Ghul in one of my favorite comedy bit on the internet .

How dare you. He lowered that speed bump a couple inches to make your commute better.

Poor Shauna. Such a tragic character.

I do this face a lot and refer to it as the "Haverford". A big grin when something goes awkwardly wrong for a friend or colleague.

SOURCE: Season 2 Episode 18 "The Possum"


That scene doesn't get enough credit.

Hilarious and very telling. Everyone is congratulating Mark for his monumental accomplishment of lowering a speed bump 2 inches, and he's like "Are you kidding me?"?

Best part of his character was Andy giving him shit and people saying his last name. He was not enjoyable as a person

Also IRL. She didn’t take it well.

Fun fact: Brendanaquits spoke his last line in S2E23 "See you later", and his name was never mentioned and he was never seen again.

In fact, he was the only main/side character who did not appear in Season 7.

Obviously there was some bad blood there.

There's a whole 30 min playlist of those Pete Holmes as Badman. So dang funny

Who is Mark again?

Bland Jim Halpert

Is it just me (or maybe its obvious) or was that 100% Andy purposely embarrassing her for hurting Leslie under the disguise of classic "doofus" Andy?

Andy is usually friendly, here it seemed slightly malicious.

Apparently what he could accomplish in government could literally be measured

In Master of None he does this to a girl while going down on her, it's hilarious.

Holy shit I don’t remember that line. That’s so funny.

Mark Brendanaquits, the guy who sort of dated Leslie and Ann for a while then left the show after season two(?).

I didn’t hate marks character. Yes, he doesn’t have crazy quirks like all the other major characters...but that kind of works well, he’s just a guy (who doesn’t even work in the parks and recreation department!) who goes to work, gets his job done, and lives his life outside without being a ridiculous caricature of a personality type. He may be “boring” for the show, but that’s because he actually works in a department that functions properly.

The straight man is an important role, but Ben was a much, much better straight man than Mark because Ben was interested / invested in what was happening. To be funny, the straight man needs to react to the zany things happening to him.

Mark's ironic detachment, cynicism, and apathy just don't suit that role. He wasn't a bad character, but he didn't mesh with the slightly absurd vibe of the rest of the show. He was some kind of hold over from the early seasons of The Office. Mark didn't care, so he didn't react to much. To the extent anything got to him, it was Andy being an asshole, which also didn't fit with what Andy's character was becoming (basically a human puppy).

Ben, on the other hand, was heavily invested - his job was to see the city succeed, he actively wanted a relationship with Leslie, he wanted to be friends with the other guys, he wanted Andy and April to grow up.... In terms of interest, he was the opposite of Mark.

I mean, the mimes are going to sound the same...

An order that would surprise you. Lol. That part kills me.

I always liked Shauna Malwae Tweep. She's cute. I'm glad she eventually gets a happy ending (although that was only seen in a deleted scene.)

Oscar Martinez pretending to be Jim Halpert.

Username checks out.

The straight man is an important part of a comedy cast, and that was Mark's role. Ben took his place after Mark left.

Don't you dare fall in love with me.

Yeah I always felt they could have expanded on that with his character. A bit more Office Space than just boring everyman that doesn't fit with the rest of the characters.

But she had a happy ending, right? With Bobby?

Dear god

There are interviews about why he left and if his character would ever return and it seems like that dude is just kind of a dick.

I am me after a couple of drinks.

To be fair the interview is supposed to be kind of tongue-in-cheek.


Don't forget that little curled finger hand motion Andy does too.

I relate to Tom so much in scenes like this

I don’t get why this sub always shits all over Mark. He was a solid voice of reason, similar to Jim. He was nice, and personable. I loved that scene where he helps mark update his workshop to code.. it perfectly encapsulated who he is. I agree he needed work as a character, but all of the first and second season characters weren’t quite right. They all were tweaked for the better in the later seasons, we just never saw Mark get to that point because he left.

This was hilarious. Somehow I've missed this one. I saw another badman but didn't know there more. This is great.

REALLY SEALS IN THE FLAVOR - best. line. ever.

Oh, right. I forgot that engagement is synonymous with entitlement and ownership. Pam's unhappiness with Roy should always be ignored because Roy was there first. Jim definitely wasn't her friend and should have just kept his mouth shut, respecting man code and honoring the unspoken bond he had with his rival. Pam's feelings and perspective were not important at all.

(do I really need to put a /s? It's reddit, so I'm going to have to assume yes.)

That's just his face.

Shauna Malwae-Tweep is so fine. Give me her over Ann Perkins or April Ludgate any day, and they are tough to beat.

That smile

You son of a bitch.

The "rational character", as it were.

I like this, true or not :]

There’s also his Streetfighter HR sketches. Those are pretty great too.

Better known as Aziz Ansari's face.

A is for ALFRED, B is for BATS

Alison Becker is so hot. Fell in love with her on the League where she plays that witch lady in the Halloween episode.

EDIT- Only one "L" in Alison. "Allison" Becker is a Brasilian footballer.


Mark was just really really boring to watch.

I loved her ending! And the pairing just makes so much sense. :)

The thing is Ben served the role of "straight man" much better. He reacts like a normal person would to a lot of the weird stuff Pawnee does, while still having quirks of his own. Mark just didn't have anything to make him special or interesting/funny to watch.

She is one of my favourite recurring characters. There’s just something about that long weird name that makes me laugh.

Virginal Roy vs Chad Jim

But seriously, that description doesn't fit Jim very well. It sounds more like Todd Packer, and he was so obnoxious that Jim and Dwight joined forces against him.

I think Andy doesn't read social cues well, which is supported by the sheer earnestness of his character. He is still a bit narcissistic in this point of the series, but I don't think this was intended as malicious.

It’s hilarious when he looks right into the camera as it zooms in and he gives that big grin lol

omfg that was great

Galentines day to replace Ann

Him as Prof X talking to a retarded Wolverine gets me evertim

One night stand? More like un-sightly brand! Pressure mounts on marked pit press-woman when pressed on morning after mounting Mark!

[edited for additional wordplay goodness]

Which is interesting because Brandanawicz and Halpert played brothers in the film Away We Go

That's deep.

Why would you be so rude about it?

No one is going to go out of their way to post a video when you comment like that. You'll find in life asking nicely instead of being a jerk will get you a lot further. Not to mention this guy LITERALLY keeps this subreddit alive with his GIFs.

People on Reddit that are jerks to the people who spend their time making posts for us to enjoy (for free, I might add) are the worst. I recently started posting instead of just commenting, and it's UNBELIEVABLE how demanding and rude people are.

Alison Becker’s Instagram account is pretty cool. She always shares her audition looks and described what it was for. One of my favorite accounts.

He seems like a funny guy to me

Doesnt seem very douche like to me.

Stop being iffy. It’s a great show.

Her and Joan Callamezzo were the true villains of the town. They probably helped cause most of the histeria in the townspeople.

PERFECT description. You articulated this thought far better than I could have.

In addition to that, they tried to portray Mark as this big lothario and ladies man when he was just awkward.

This reminds me of so many people I know ... including myself.

So you enjoy the horse murder, just not the beating afterwards?

He was a boring unlikable Jim Halpert.

Jim had charm though.

Mark had a personality of a cardboard.

As with all CollegeHumor skits. They did so well, then dragged the joke on for 3 minutes longer than it ever should have been. It's like watching a horse get murdered then beaten by the same channel every time they release a video.

Now she's on that colon commercial. What a journey.

I don't think you know what a douchy person is like

My wife and I decided to start watching P&R. We're a few episodes into Season 2. What a great show.

"What is a motorcycle..made of?"

"Glass..and tubes."

I didn't know an extended cut existed. I just know about the 1 hour episode that aired, which is on both Netflix and Hulu.

I only started watching the series a couple years ago on Netflix, and I didn’t even notice Mark was gone for like a whole season because they never even mentioned him. Kinda funny when you think about it. That’s how insignificant his character was.


I've been iffy on watching this show until now, but this "Haverford Goes Down" just sold me.

Hope you get the letter and


You wouldnt happen to know where to watch an extended cut of the series finale would you?

Thomas Middleditch

The outtakes from these sketches are on YouTube and they're even funnier than what aired - especially any sketch involving .

Coupled with "oh noooooo" I his nasally child voice

🔥 lol

From what I got from it she was looking for love but all men did was use her.

Oh hi, mark!

It feels like he always does this when Chris improvises funny lines. Don't think this is improvised though

We of course the other guy wouldn’t like it, but the question was about her happiness. If staying was going to make her happier she would have.

But that’s just it she gets to choose what is best for herself.