How can federal buildings get away with what San Francisco did

How can federal buildings get away with what San Francisco did

I'm posting this in response to a picture in another thread of the San Francisco Federal building with a projection of "Shithole President" on it. How in the actual fuck is that okay? I get there's freedom of speech and all that stuff. But a United States Federal building bad-mouthing its current command in chief should be treason and punished most swiftly. Sorry for ranting but this is the crap that annoys me most.

California has 4.5 million Trump voters. I’d rather not slide into the ocean and save my state from Liberalism.

At this point would any of us be sad if every civil servant in San Franshitco was sent to Gitmo?

Those places are already conservative (by California standards). We just need to purge the illegal voters

My suggestion: split California into a few different states: Jefferson in the north; Silicon Valley, consisting of the SF Bay Area and Sacramento; California, consisting of everything from Monterey to Kern County; and South California, consisting of LA, Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange, San Diego and Imperial Counties (could split this in two if needed)

How about flood San Diego and Orange counties with Republicans so we can keep the military bases and nice beaches.

Dammit I forgot about those.. Well we could move them to the states that border California and then let it go.

Absolutely fucking not. Honestly if California just would slide into the pacific that'd be great.