How British people dream

How British people dream

No scones? What kind of hellish nightmare do you expect me to dream about?

British people would know not to use a mug with a saucer. That's just insane.


You heathen, its said "scones"

Brit here. No way would a mug like that require a saucer. Nice try though.

Pronounce scones.

3) Nobody spells it "brue."

British porn:

British porn:


I couldn't imagine being in that continual spiral of tea being so close and yet so far away.

And a mug on the table instead of being on a coaster.

And one rich-tea biscuit. Two problems: 1) Rich-tea breaks easily with dunk and doesn't fit the average mug, so you have to bite a bit off first 2) Nobody simply has one biscuit with their brue.

Needs more Hobnobs.

Where's the cup of sugar, the small jug of milk, the teapot itself, the cakes, scones, biscuits, where are my family?

Seriously, where are my family?

Yorkshire Gold, you savage.

no sir, ssgone.

You dunk your biscuits in that?

The scones show up about 3 minutes in.

This should will be the title of the repost

Thanks David Cameron

Watch this one if you need to unwind.

Watch if you need to unwind.

You do when referring to the river running past Glastonbury.

Stared at this far too long