How an Audi A8 protects you from a side collision

The cheese box hits the plexiglass, while the audi recoils in horror

Those windows are running a little ....slow

The car raises its side in an attempt to protect passengers from an incoming cheese attack.

Can someone explain what is going on?

It's basically the car version of flinching before a punch. It's using the suspension to brace itself for impact in the ideal position to minimize damage to the occupants.

The audi raises its suspension to one side to ensure an optimal collision angle to protect the passenger. It's the same reason that you flinch before someone punches you in the face. Being able to brace for an impact can substantially lessen the blow

Do Audi’s come with a big barrier fitted to the sides now?!

Two for flinching!

Looks like a good way to help ensure that a good hit flips the car over

And slice the other vehicle in half? Can someone slow the gif down.

Roll with the punch.

The rocker panel lines up with the incoming cars bumper.

Seriously! Something appears to be happening but I have no idea what. It’s kinda making me a little mad.