‘House of Cards’ Sixth and Final Season Shooting to Resume in Early 2018, Without Kevin Spacey

‘House of Cards’ Sixth and Final Season Shooting to Resume in Early 2018, Without Kevin Spacey
‘House of Cards’ Sixth and Final Season Shooting to Resume in Early 2018, Without Kevin Spacey

I will always be salty at Netflix for dragging this show out longer than it needed to be. They could’ve had such a great 4 season run, but now they’re ending following one of the dumbest season in television, without their main actor that made the show work. The limp dick twist of season 5’s finale will be the final send off to one of televisions greatest monsters, unable to show anything else with him. Granted, it’s the right choice to not bring back Spacey since he’s a predator, but it’s sad to see the show fall apart like this

Frank Underwood died on the way back to his home planet.

Ironic that sexual assault allegations only seem to get you fired from being the fake president.

I'm still bummed that the 4 seasons of 13 episodes theory (4 * 13 = 52 episodes or cards in a deck) didn't pan out

Ditto. This was a great opportunity for a perfect (or at least really fucking good) 3 or 4 seasons of TV.

So Spacey can fuck off, I agree, but let's not pretend that the show won't be shit without him... Without Frank Underwood... They should just wrap it up instead of forcing a shit ending that won't actually conclude the storyline because the main character disappeared.

Netflix told Spacey he'd have to take the fall, then proceeded to push him down a short flight of stairs.

I think my big issue with Claire is that in 5 seasons, her character has never once been consistent. Season 1: female Frank, cold hearted. Her relationship with Frank is based on power dynamics and politics. Season 3: emotional, caring. Her relationship with Frank is portrayed as warm. Season 4: Colder again, at times downright evil. Spoiled child of an asshole mother. Season 5: completely in love with writer dude, but abandons him when she finally goes full evil (because she wasn’t already?) Robin Wright does a fantastic job but the writers have never once known what to do with her

And that's why you never declare shows "best of all time" before they ended...

I mean it’s salvageable in the sense that it can still be a cohesive story, but killing him offscreen (we all know it’s coming) is going to be disappointing

Only eight episodes in season 6, it's usually 13. I'm really happy that we will at least get a final season, I hope they deliver a decent final season.

Poochy's dead! Hooray

Being fake President is an actual job with an actual employer that can fire you.

This is my thoughts on the matter as well. Frank's character carried the show and no matter how hard they tried to make Claire a focus as well, I just couldn't care about her at all.

We're lucky five ended in such a way that he wouldn't need to appear in sixth. They can easily play it off and send him to jail or whatever. Or the stress of crap killed him from heart attack.

"Help! Help! The sex pervert has fallen!" Claire looks at the camera

Doesn't help that he admitted it so it's beyond just an allegation at that point, no?

And that applies to both the real and fake president...

well the cards crumbled after the 52 episodes/4 seasons

What I’m saying is that her character flip flops from warm hearted to cold and calculated between seasons just to fit whatever role the writers need

You’re in the very small minority there. The general consensus is that season 5 is the worst season, even worse than season 3. Just because things were happening, doesn’t mean they were good. The writing was horrendous and the show jumped the shark with the characters just doing dumb as shit things that didn’t make sense. Without spoilers, frank doing something to Cathy was one of the biggest offenders that had the sub go crazy.

Should have recast Kevin Spacey with Terry Crews and pretended nothing happened.

There's people on twitter saying that the show never relied on Spacey. Regardless of what he did, the show was only popular because of him, not Claire. I don't think I'm going to watch anymore; there's no point.

While I agree with you, I will definitely be watching it.

I'm more so curious how the show will run without him - Claire played a pretty good monster, herself.

was it the la-le-lu-la-lo?!?!

They will probably use a body double to shoot scenes of his arrest/impeachment/death/whatever from a distance, and will have it played in the background on a television somewhere. Probably while Claire gets ready in the morning or does something presidential. Or inter cut it with a montage catching us up with all the other characters who will suddenly have a lot more screen time. Either way, i don't give a shit and won't be watching it.

The big problem this show now has is that EVERYTHING has been set up in order to knock it down and see Frank get his comeuppance. That can't/won't happen in any meaningful fashion now, and is the singular reason many people kept watching through the utter dogshit last season was.

Claired arguably dragged the show down in its worst seasons(3 and 5). I'm definitely not interested in a full season focusing on her character.

Frank Underwood died on the way back to his home planet. from FOXDIE

but killing him offscreen (we all know it’s coming)

Maybe he'll be jailed for molesting a minor.

I respectfully disagree. His rise to power and character traits in seasons 1 and 2 were nothing short of mesmerizing.

I had an idea on how they can start season 6:

Start with a news "montage" using clips from the end of last season setting up Underwoods resignation and the criminal charges against him, and then have some of the press commentators from the show (maybe some real life reporter cameos too) discussing the charges against Underwood and the impact of Clare taking the presidency - then to a "current" news report that Franks first court and public appearance since the charges is about to begin.

Cut to Underwood, shot from behind him (an actor that looks like spacey from the back) walking into a courtroom, ready to pull his usual shit to try and weasel out of trouble again.

However, as he walks into the door, Zoe Barnes father, now extremely distraught from the accusations that Frank was involved in her death, rushes him and shoots him several times before he can be taken down by the SS.

There, Frank is done, we'll feel a sense of closure for him killing Zoe - something I've been waiting for - and the show can become how Clare handles herself in his shadow and her sins catching up to her.

The show would have been so much more interesting if the Underwoods lost the election and the show focused on the new Administration slowly turning into the Underwoods. The Underwoods collectively wore out their welcome and new characters were needed.

Will anyone be even interested in a sixth season is the question.

And being the real President is supposed to be a public service job with several checks and balances against gross misconduct and abuses of power. Supposed to be.


At the end you find out that Frank Underwood was a sexual predator all along and making his presidential story up in a police station, causing his neighbor to kill him due to wrath.

I remember when I thought Dexter was one of the best shows......then everything after Season 4 happened......dat ending tho

It's her turn.

It still is. The judiciary and legislators check the President all the time.

The show jumped the gun once they gave Clare more political power. I remember when she convinced the Russian President to change his nuclear arms policies I just though to myself "wow this show officially is not good". Still had its moments but the whole Clare storyline has killed the show. Shes simply not that competent or interesting.

It was shit with him in the last couple seasons anyway

Season 5

I'm still going to watch the last season just to get an ending, but it's sad the show is going out on a whimper. We'll see what they can scrape together.

Ooohhhh... that woulda been amazing

Oops I missed the Itchy & Scratchy reference, I thought OP was referring to K-Pax.

yes, i am happy about that as well. But tbh i am not sure how it can be good or decent at all if the main-character is missing completely. No offense to the other actors/actresses there, but Spacey (his acting) btw. the character itself (Frank) was definitely one of the major force for the show. Sure, the others can act as well or great (f.e. Robin Wright), but i don't think we will get a great season (1+2) again :-/

I'm still mad he pushed her down four stairs and she became incapacitated.

Such a sloppy move by Frank but the writers just phoned it in since the end of Season 3.

The cracking of Conway's facade was one of the few good bits of season 5. Shame it was short lived.

Robocop in the White House is the House of Cards we deserve in this day and age.

If I'm at a party where the way to get a laugh is by exclaiming "grab 'er by the pussy," I'm at the wrong party.

Worst moment in any Netflix show I’ve seen since the finale of The Oa

Just because you don't like the president doesn't mean he needs to be impeached.

True. Multiple constitutional and procedural violations are a good reason though. Or perjury (as shown with Clinton).

Failing that, the 25th amendment makes it possible to remove a president for health reasons, and forgetting/changing stories is a valid concern for mental health. FDR might have possibly been removed via this amendment had it been around in the 40’s.

So what exactly did you watch the show for? He's by far the most important and prominent character, everything in the series revolves around him.

It's gross but he is saying women consent to this because he is famous

Fuck off. He never said a single women consented to being groped. He described walking around with an entitlement to grab women by their genitals. The only reason he said "they let you do it" is because he's a sexual deviant and he never realized he was even assaulting women. It takes an extreme level of stupidity to look at what Trump said and say, "See! He said 'they let you do it' so obviously it was consensual!"

Jesus Christ you should’ve just cancelled it.