House approves $36.5 billion disaster bill, passes 353-69

House approves $36.5 billion disaster bill, passes 353-69
House approves $36.5 billion disaster bill, passes 353-69

All of the opposed are Republicans.

Anyone got a list of the 69 who voted against?

How in the fuck does someone from Alabama, Louisiana, S. Carolina vote against some shit like this? Assholes your state will be next in line for a hurricane and I bet you'll be bitching and moaning the money ahd help isn't coming quick enough.

I can see the western/midwest states somewhat, but it's not like they don't get disasters either.

Bet they all voted for 600-700 trillion for defense, though.

Amash Banks (IN) Barr Barton Bergman Biggs Bishop (MI) Blackburn Blum Brat Brooks (AL) Buck Budd Chabot Comer Davidson DesJarlais Duffy Duncan (SC) Duncan (TN) Emmer Foxx Franks (AZ) Gallagher Garrett Gibbs Gohmert Goodlatte Gosar Griffith Harris Hensarling Hice, Jody B. Hill Holding Hudson Johnson (LA) Jones Jordan Kelly (MS) Kustoff (TN) Lamborn Lewis (MN) Loudermilk Marchant Massie Meadows Messer Mooney (WV) Mullin Noem Norman Palmer Pearce Perry Pittenger Ratcliffe Rokita Rothfus Rouzer Sanford Schweikert Sensenbrenner Smith (MO) Stewart Walker Walorski Wenstrup Williams

edit: Loudermilk Marchant is my porn name. Wenstrup Williams the name I check into seedy hotels with.

I think they're just doing the whole "freedom caucus" thing where they try to normalize sociopathy. Im sure the people who vote them in consider themselves "compassionate Christians."

I'm willing to bet a small but not insignificant amount of money that this list is dominated by the Freedom Caucus.

I could have guessed they were Rs but I wanted to know specifically who so people can continue to call and inform them of their displeasure