[Hornets] Cody Zeller suffered torn medial meniscus in left knee - listed as OUT indefinitely.

[Hornets] Cody Zeller suffered torn medial meniscus in left knee - listed as OUT indefinitely.

At least they have Dwight this time

Cody tore his meniscus and then threw down a dunk.

Yeah it's not impossible to still do things on torn ligaments/meniscus. Joe Thornton of the San Jose Sharks played a 6 game playoff series with a torn MCL and ACL

Damn he was hurt on that play before the dunk.

kill me

Meniscus is not a ligament. It is a cartilage pad.

Yeah we do but we still aren't bad enough to be bad, just bad enough to miss the playoffs and finish on the 8-11. Again.

He's not given as much time to flourish due to Dwight

Everything going wrong for the Hornets...

Yep.. this is why announcers should never laugh at someone for "faking" an injury

My theory is hockey players don't know what pain is. They treat a torn acl like how I treat a paper cut

Rondo finished out the game where he tore his ACL.

Yeh I know I edited literally right after posting. My point is that its not surprising that he could still dunk after tearing his meniscus

Edit: phrasing

Exactly, Cody throwing down a dunk is impressive and definitely respectable, but it's not surprising that he was able to do it. Adrenaline takes over.

I'm not entire sure how Thornton played an entire series on a torn ACL and MCL though lol

because this is basically the same team as last year but with Dwight. That team underachieved to 36 wins. On paper, just trading Dwight for whatever and not doing anything else would get us to the mid 30s and in prime position to miss the playoffs and not get a top 10 pick. aka purgatory

If this was last year they'd be starting Frank the Tank, Roy Hibbert, or Plumlee at center, so let's look at the positives

Edit: holy shit I forgot the GOAT Spencer Hawes

Yeah but memes

luckily we have Dwight playing the remaining center minutes instead of Plumlee, Hawes, Hibbert, etc so I doubt we go 3-17 in his absence like we did last year but this is bad. We literally don't have a backup center. Frank probably assumes that role once he gets back from a sprained ankle he suffered yesterday but he gets annihilated on defense at C.

Hes been playing good hasnt he

Tank has been solid this year. MKG, Lamb and Tank probably split Zellers minutes now.