[homemade] Steak Frites.

[homemade] Steak Frites.

I'll become your concubine if I get to eat like that

why does cholesterol have to be so delicious?


eats some plants.

cried again

Yessir. Thin sliced potato fried at 400 for 7 min + a little tony's creole seasoning. Dried the strips in the oven for 2 hours at 200 to remove moisture prior to frying.

Are the fries homemade as well?? That looks freaking amazing btw

We all will, you'll have to do better than that.

My general philosophy is salt, pepper, heat. I salted and peppered the meat pretty heavily then brought it up to room temp over about 1.5 hours. It was nice and sweaty.

news flash : eat pretty much everything in moderation. have a balanced diet and exercise.

that's it.

Not OP but I once made this.

Not all at once ladies.

Not OP but I once made

Not all at once ladies.

It took about 3 meals to convince the fiancée this was an investment in our happiness rather than a financial burden.

700deg xl big green egg. Exactly 4 min on side one, grill closed, 5 min on side two. Flip, close vents and cook 1 min. 1.5in thick ribeye. I've been playing with high heat for a while and finally feel I got it right. Finished temp of 114, rested temp of 122. Medium rare.

Looks like you're in luck

And here

I tried exercise once and it didn't taste good even with bacon.

Any seasoning on the steak? salt? It does look kinda freaking amazing btw

How was that steak seared?

I wanna be like you when I grow up

You'll become u/KENDRICKDELMAR if you eat his concubine like that.

You'll become his concubine if u/KENDRICKDELMAR get to eat like that

Kenji is hardly just "some guy on the internet"

Well your anecdotes have convinced me!

You lucky bastard that is such a great grill.

It looks like you forgot to add fire.

It still says that you should limit your cholesterol intakes, up to 300 mg is recommended.

Re. room temperature: http://www.seriouseats.com/2013/06/the-food-lab-7-old-wives-tales-about-cooking-steak.html

Great looking plate of food though 😊

Paid for by the National Center For Cholesterol.

Next week's article: Cholesterol linked to cancer.

Serious eats is a pretty well respected food blogs and the guy that writes it is not just 'some guy from the internet'.

He's also no the only one to come out against this adage, Harlod McGee says the same thing in On Food and Cooking.

How do you know you get better results without cooking a second steak that hasn't been left out?

As a Belgian, I don't understand the lengths you Americans go to to preprocess your fries to turn them into what looks like (I admittedly haven't tried these american fries yet) dried out strips of crispiness. I've seen recipes here that include marinating them in acid and more.

Where I'm from we just dip our fries dry with a towel so the oil doesn't splash and throw then straight into the fryer, the ideal being to make the outer shell of the fry crispy while the inside turns into a soft puree.

Hummm le bon vieux steak frites maison que me faisait ma Mamie !

dormammu i've come to bargain

I joined reddit just so I can see photos of plates of food.

But...That's basically what I said...

Some of OP's fries look pretty thin, where it would be very crunchy. However, most of them have exactly what you describe, a crunchy outer shell with a soft inside.

yup, i got your back! and fries.

Yeah, but if you read the article, it actually makes next to no difference, even if you do actually let it get to room temperature, which takes a lot longer than you'd think.

Hands mixtape

Dont forget to fry them 2 times. And splurge them in mayonaise.

Wow. I've never heard of that kinda detail for fries. I know that sounds lame of me but I gotta try that!

That's Belgian talk. Delicious talk.


Uh, what? He has a James Beard award, and a science degree.

Also cholesterol isn't unhealthy. A healthy persons body is perfectly suited to processing it.

As a person living in Belgium from America, I don't think the fries here are even that good.

That's a myth. Even letting a steak set for 24 hours won't actually bring it to room temp. And that's not necessary anyway. It'll cook evenly just fine straight out of the fridge.

"trend"? its literally the name of a french dish.

you gonna get mad when people call a vegetable stew ratatouille nicoise?

You do realize French fries aren't French, right?

That is the most vile, most unholy thing I have ever seen. Well done.

He is not the best cook

He is not the worst cook

He is the cook

We need more evidence, One test from some guy on the internet vs. common advice from thousands of actual real professionals is still not empirical proof.

The cut /quality/age of meat ,it's density, fat/water content, how it was cut, where he let it rest, how old, how hot was his cooking surface, how long was it in the fridge, was it wrapped up or exposed and allowed to breath? did he fudge the results to write an article? Too many variables.

I always have better steak if I leave it at room temp for an hour at minimum, I also dry it out with paper towel and I cook it rare, the meat is always softer and less dry. I never check the internal temp prior to cooking but the surface is definitely not cold as it was right out of the fridge and I believe it allows the steak to form a crust earlier or maybe temperature has nothing to do with it and it's just allowed to dry more. Fuck do I know I just get better results and that's what matters.

The thumbnail looks like a sleeping little piglet next to some hay. Makes me even more hungry.

Yeah, big egg funded and pushed the cholesterol study in order to get the USDA and FDA to revise years upon years of incorrect thinking. "Animal product companies" don't hold a candle to the type of monetary power big agriculture has - which is where the "fats are bad, carbs are good" thinking actually was pushed from.

Is there a difference between "fries" and "frites"? Because it seems to me we already have a perfectly good English name for these things, and I don't see why we need a loan word for them, unless someone is trying really hard to make fries sound fancier than they really are.

It's also the pronunciation that bothers me. Am I supposed to voice the "s" when I order frites? In French you wouldn't, but when speaking English it sounds funny to ask for a side of "freet". Or should it be "lay freet" to indicate the plural the way you would in French? Or maybe "day freet"?

At least ratatouille is fun to say.

All I'm hearing is confirmation bias.

Well technically potatoes are plants and cows eat plants so I think that correlates somehow, but what do I know. I did however stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night


Yes, I know your Beer Can Chicken tastes wonderful. Yes, I know your neighbors and family think your Beer Can Chicken is fabulous. It absolutely positively is fabulous. What's not to love about roast chicken?

But Beer Butt Bird remains a gimmick, an inferior cooking technique, a waste of good beer, and it is hazardous. Think about this: You've never seen a fine dining restaurant serve Beer Can Chicken, have you? That's because professional chefs know this is clearly not the best way to roast a chicken.

I'd take that with a grain of salt. The US food department is full of corruption including studies paid by companies to protect their products. Animal product companies in the US have banded together before to pay for "studies".