[Homemade] Mirror Glazed Geode Cake - Vanilla Bean Cake with Vanilla Bean Buttercream

[Homemade] Mirror Glazed Geode Cake - Vanilla Bean Cake with Vanilla Bean Buttercream

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It's so hard for me to believe you can eat something that looks that much like a geode! Great job! What does it taste like? How difficult was it to make?

This is just a vanilla bean cake but my kids tell me the glaze tastes like marshmallows. It was one of the less difficult cakes I've done. I sent a lot of time on little details, though.

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I just made a vanilla cake and vanilla buttercream. I made three layers. I used this glaze recipe. I did a crumb coat of buttercream under the glaze. That was probably the trickiest part, getting the coat really smooth. I did that and then cut out a bit of a valley where I wanted the rock candy and butter creamed in there. I kept it in the freezer while I made the glaze. I followed the glaze instructions (make sure you have a thermometer) I screwed up a bit and a lot of it ended up looking drippy, which is not what I wanted but a good lesson for next time. After the glaze was reasonably set I placed all the rock candy onto it. I had two different shades of blue and white. I colored the inner layer to be a darker blue. For the outer gold layer I colored some white rock candy with some edible gold pearl dust..and mixed in some silver.. I used a bit of vodka to make sort of a paint. Then I just placed all the candy into a pattern using tweezers.

If you want to make one and have any questions I would be happy to answer them!

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Would you mind posting the recipe or sending it to me? That looks amazing; my daughter loves geodes and would enjoy the fuck out of that.

Looks awesome! Glad our Mirror Glaze Tutorial worked out. Love what you did with the inside.

I used this glaze recipe.

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It's really cool how you were able to blend two really trendy decorations. A lot of people, when they try to do that, go overboard and it looks bad because they tried too hard. Your cake makes the two elements (glaze/geode) build on each other and add to the overall aesthetic of the cake! Great work!

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