[homemade] mash filled bacon cones

[homemade] mash filled bacon cones

Bacon potato cannoli.

May I have the recipes please, this look seriously yummy

Irish cannolis

Mashed potatoes Bacon Garnish

I bet a deep fried version would fare well at the fair.

Shape bacon into cone (need inner shape plus something to hold it in place, would suggest foil plus wire on the outside), bake at 150 deg C for ~40 minutes. Let it rest in shape and solidify before removing supports.

The mashed potatoes in the picture look like they have a decent amount of milk, but the ratio is ultimately up to you. Go for a floury variety of potato (it’s easier), make sure most of the water has steamed off if you’re boiling (you can otherwise bake). Mix in solid butter once the potatoes have cooled a bit—you can go as high as 50:50 potato to butter. Add milk to change consistency.

Cream cheese and freshly ground pepper, salt, and a pinch of garlic.

Ooh. Or maybe Macaroni and Cheese. That sounds delicious!

Potatoes.... boil till soft. Add butter (warm butter)and mash.

Simple and tasty,nice