[Homemade] Lionfish Sashimi

[Homemade] Lionfish Sashimi

There needs to be more people eating lionfish we got to kill all those little bastards.

I had no idea about the problem until someone educated me on it. So I'm doing my part to help raise some awareness. I don't even like fish, but it tasted delicious!

Lionfish can become the next Lobster. For those who do not know the history:


"Lobsters were so abundant in the early days—residents in the Massachusetts Bay Colony found they washed up on the beach in two-foot-high piles—that people thought of them as trash food. It was fit only for the poor and served to servants or prisoners. In 1622, the governor of Plymouth Plantation, William Bradford, was embarrassed to admit to newly arrived colonists that the only food they "could presente their friends with was a lobster ... without bread or anyhting else but a cupp of fair water" (original spelling preserved). Later, rumor has it, some in Massachusetts revolted and the colony was forced to sign contracts promising that indentured servants wouldn’t be fed lobster more than three times a week."

TIL of the problem! Here's an article by the NOAA on the lionfish problem

TL;DR Lionfish somehow got into the Atlantic where there are now no known predators of them. So they're feasting unfettered on smaller fish and small crustaceans.

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So what you're saying, is to stockpile them like diamonds to limit supply and increase market price?

I'm going to need a bigger freezer.

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Did you use them to make the sashimi (pls say yes)?

I've heard they escaped Atlantis' tanks during a storm (resort island not th lost city)

yeah I tried linking it here but was blocked I think. You can watch the video up on my youtube channel now!

They're a pest right now due to overbreeding so first you would have to reduce the population if you were to limit supply.

Lionfish while a pest in the US and other areas actually taste good. People don't eat it because it can be more difficult than other fish to prepare. However, eating them would actually help the oceans and is a great option compared to overfishing.

One of the proposed hypotheses is that a ship's ballast water brought them over from the Indo-Pacific

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Both scenarios are plausible, and it could also be from pet store trade. Chances are that it is a combination of factors. Invasives are all over the place, these ones happen to be delicious.

This piece always gets missed in the story. They weren't eating lobster tails with drawn butter

To be fair it was served ground up, shell and all.

I just love that you're a redditor with great OC posts, been a fan of yours since I was young and seeing ya here on Reddit only helps solidify that for me. Keep it up!

Just put a cardboard gazelle in the trap and BAM! Got yourself a lionfish.

You can only dive for them. They live about 50-100 feet below sea level, so every fish is hand caught. Traps don't work on them, and people have been slow to develop a specific trap for them.

Cardboard gazelle? This ain't a lion we're dealing with here. What you need is a gazelle fish.


They're so expensive thay sea food markets wont sell them. Source - Floridian

Huh, I wonder why. If they're both super-abundant and not in high demand from consumers, you'd think they'd be cheap as dirt.

"I have come for bloody retribution, Lionfish. Your reckoning is now!"

sashimi noises

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My buddy down on the gulf finds lionfish reefs around Pensacola and Destin with a high resolution sonar. Then he and a group of spearfishermen dive down (usually less than 100ft) and spear hundreds of the fuckers. I have a freezer full of them and altough the filets are smaller than snapper or amberjack, they are incredibly tasty. Kinda like a grouper in my opinion.

A knife.


Nope. They are all over the Bahamas on like 3 - 20 ft of water. Me and my brother have competitions to see who can kill the most


These spiny bastards are native in my area, incredibly painful if stepped on, I had no idea they were even edible.

What does it take to prepare them?

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Pet store trade creates all sorts of issues. And very few are the actual sellers but the consumers. Namely no longer wanting to care for a pet so they just release it

(See Florida)

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Invasive species they have almost no natural predators, because of their defense mechanism (although some groupers have been successful). They have been exploding in population and decimating the fish population in the Gulf/Caribbean.

There were prison riots because they'd just feed it to the prisoners to get rid of it, and the prisoners rioted because they thought lobster was low quality garbage food.

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we got to kill all those little bastards.

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They are venomous. And invasive and fucking with the ecosystem. They have no predators in the area so they are having enormous population booms all over. They are a serious threat to ecosystems all over. Reading up on them is actually really interesting and somewhat horrifying if you care about the ocean. The only way we currently know to save the ecosystems are to hunt the shit out of lionfish, and there is no specific commercially available trap that works well. So they are primarily caught by spear fishing. So yes, the more people who are hunting them the better. There's lots more information (and links) in comments below.

this one was sent by normanslionfish.com

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My dad talks about these big fishing trips his company would take customers out on. They would try to fish for red snapper, but apparently many times would instead catch a triggerfish. The captain, knowing they wanted snapper, would say "Just put those to the side and the crew will take them" Yeah, triggerfish is actually one of the best tasting white fishes you can find. The last time I was at a seafood market at the beach in June, Red Snapper was $19.99/lb and Trigger was $21.99/lb. The captain and crews of the fishing boats were eating like kings and the guys fishing for snapper just didn't know any better.

Edit: Your story made me think of this. They're not really related. I just thought I'd share.

I feel like a zebra fish would work much better, if I learned anything from Madagascar lions love zebras. Also if you like fish biology check this out https://imgur.com/gallery/N2S4w

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I was stationed in Guantanamo Bay for a year and the base there has a yearly competition to see who can kill the most, the largest, and the smallest lion fish.

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Sashimi noises... Now I'm curious

These people on shark tank had a lionfish business but nobody invested. Looks like the venture has failed, because according to this article you can't really find them anywhere after their failed indiegogo campaign:


It's too bad, I think they were slightly ahead of their time. The main reason they didn't invest is because they didn't feel it would be profitable to spend a bunch of money educating the world on why we should be eating lionfish.

Landlocked state dweller here. What is the issue with lion fish? Over population or killing that other species or something of that nature?

You're still talking about the lionfish right?

Whole Foods sells lion fish for dirt cheap. Like last time I saw it it was $6 a pound.

Also, lack of proper refrigeration probably made it smelly.

We need and ELI5 on how eating lobster became "fashionable"

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Hard to catch in commercial quantities and difficult/dangerous to prepare with commercial alacrity due to their venom?

will do, thanks

Great read, thanks for linking. My wife and I are with Brooke Burke on this one, I can't eat crustaceans out of the shell - they just look like giant insects being cracked open and all the mush comes out. Lobster rolls though? Yes please. Crab cakes? Fuck yes. Just not the whole sea bug in-shell.


They are doing a good service though

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It's probably similar to the story of oysters in Europe. There was a fad amongst the wealthy to eat peasant food (connected to the Noble Savage idea maybe?) that popularised the salty little bivalves. The association changed and now they're posh nosh, kind of.

Neither fish is poisonous but both are indeed venomous. They are both members of the scorpionfish family, the largest group of venomous fish.

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there are a few people doing it now I found out.

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They're like snakeheads. They have no natural predators and they eat something like 2x their body weight everyday. They decimate the habitats. Lionfish also have spines/barbs that have some fucked up venim that burns like a beyatch. Snakeheads on the other hand are some creepy fucks that can live out of water for days at a time and crawl to a new body of water. The game wardens in va recommend you cut their heads off.


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Sea success


So basically kale in the 2010s

If the lobsters were dead before cooking then those prisoners would probably be dead too

So how was it Verne? What other fish would you compare it to in terms of texture and taste?


There are special polespears that are "designed" specifically for lionfish spearing which are much shorter than a normal polespear. About as long as your forearm.

De-Spineing a lionfish underwater is hard so you'll want a catch keeper with a solid plastic body, as I know several people who have stung themselves through the mesh bags.

Lionfish are lazy and dumb and will let you swim right up and spear them. They'll sit and watch you spear 30 other lion fish, and just hangout and wait for you to get them too.

No fish fucks with them except eels. The breed a shit fuck ton, like 5000+. They dwell near the reefs, where other small fish are and feed on them. Very invasive. Very big problem. We're very fortunate they're very tasty. Restaurants have been working with divers and fisherman's to incorporate them into their menu. A lot of events are being held as well, such as tournaments, trying to spread the word.

Lion fish worse to the environment than sharks with frickin lasers beams

Whole Foods sells them in Fl with the poisonous spines removed.

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I saw a video of a guy shooting them with a glock that had been modified to work underwater!

Seems like that's what happens when something has no natural predators.

Yeah, let's chase these highly poisonous incredibly abundant fish for sport shall we

In the Atlantic, fish like grouper and sharks actually CAN eat them whole without the damage from their spines. But because lionfish are not naturally a part of their ecosystem, the don't see them as prey.

Article where the Roatan Marine Reserve have started feeding them to sharks.

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They should hire you as the spokesmen for eating it. Even have commercials where you use Austin Power parodies, if you're up for it. I honestly believe it would do a lot to bring awareness.

You could the next face of making Lionfish into the new Lobster.

Where they are native, they're not some engineered species, they're only invasive in the Atlantic, specifically the carribean and surrounding areas

Is this how Florida Man got out into the wild?

On the top of /sub/news right now is a measure that just passed in California that only allows pet shops to sell rescue and shelter animals. Unanimously. I think national legislation is going follow suit in the years to come.

When I was studying at the Roatan Marine reserve when the outbreak just started, the theory was that the people who bought lionfish were not prepared for their predatory nature and just saw, "Oooh pretty fish!" But when they grew bigger and ate everything in the tank because they weren't kept properly, people would just release them into the Gulf of Mexico.

While I don't necessarily believe it's THE cause, I do think it's fairly plausible that it contributed to the factors. The maps we were showed of their spread started along the coasts of Texas, MS, Louisiana, and Alabama and started heading south.

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Fuck yea Verne! Can u compare it to other types of sashimi?