Homemade flamethrower hi-jinx

Like, what was the outcome supposed to be?

Hats off to the Pants Off Guy. His instinct to get the fire as far from his dick as possible is exactly right.

Probably to kill that spider on the ground

Confucius says, "Man with burning dick becomes flaming homo".

Well, it was really stupid, but for a brief second it did look pretty cool. But still, it was really stupid.

It's really the spread. Flamethrowers use a stream of liquid or high pressure gas. This method was in between and a big no-no. The blower was essentially atomizing the gasoline, spreading it out and creating a high oxygen vapor. This means basically turning it from a flamethrower into a low-yield fuel air bomb

I didn't go full technical and tried to keep it brief, but that last sentence is the most important.

Yeah boi just leave that container of gasoline next to the grass catching fire.

Every time I see a video like this, I think "Stop, drop, and roll, you dummy!" But then I remember that someone making a homemade flamethrower definitely didn't pay attention to anything in school, ever.

But in his defense, half the lawn was on fire, so there really wasn't anywhere to stop, drop, or roll.

He didn't stop, drop, or roll

If that were true, he wouldn't have been stupid enough to do that in the first place.


That ended a lot better for them than I expected it to.

You gotta use kerosene, not gasoline. I do that with a garden sprayer and a leaf blower to start bonfires.

Depantsed guy was there to block any flames to the house.

I mean they only need to make it to 15 or 16 years old or so

i wouldnt call those folks hillbillies at all. they look like city slickers to me.

hillbillies know how make things explode.

There's a beer can on the deck what do you expect

Yeah and don't use fucking gasoline. Shit is crazy flammable, not the fun kind of flammable. With the introduction of that much air fucking flour would set fire like that. Jesus take highschool science people!

Why would you do this so close to the house?

A flamethrower, but clearly the flow of gasoline(?) was too quick while the vacuum wasn't blowing hard/fast enough..

What I can't understand is how rednecks live long enough to reproduce.

That guy is a liar.


Republicans don't allow that anymore.

Liar liar pants on fire

"that last sentence is most important". Truer words have never been said!

Solid strategy

Happens right after the phrase "here, hold my beer"

Who thought this would work??