[Homemade] Caramel Cheesecake Bites

[Homemade] Caramel Cheesecake Bites

This is an amazing picture, not to mention how amazing it probably tastes.

Thank you! Photography and baking are the two things that keep me from watching Netflix all day/ every day.

Yum! Recipe please?

I like to "Netflix and bake" all the time. I have a good view of the tv while I'm in the kitchen.

I love to Netflix and bake too!!!!.....oohhhhhh riiiiggghhhhtttttt.....

The gloss on the caramel is great!

I'm on a keto diet and this stopped me dead on my scrolling path. Wow. This is beautiful.

Oh, man, you're missing out on the finer things in life.

I think we'd make a great couple

Hey, you make those brownies yet? Stop touching your self at night for fuck sakes!

I made 2 dozen of them....so there's room

Why eat it with a spoon when it is bite sized lol?


I think OP knows what they created. You probably can't accidentally make flan.

Yes it is sticky, but I would rather have that over crunchy caramel. I have just kept the caramel in a glass container and then we pour it over the cheesecake right before we eat it. Less messy :) Working out pretty well!

Get in line, buddy.

It's called "Cooking Classy". I've been messaging it to everyone who requests it :)

I bring my tablet into the kitchen and set it on the counter while I cook.

That actually looks beautiful

Can you re share? It's deleted now.

Hi, can you please send me the link to your caramel cheesecake recipe? Thank you! It looks amazing!!

This is my first time on the blog, and so far I love it!

"I'm on a Keto diet" is the new "I'm vegan".

Oh, man, you're missing out on the finer Stranger Things in life.


Definition from my dictionary- "a dessert of sweetened egg custard with a caramel topping."

I don't think cheesecake is egg custard.