[Homemade] Bacon cheeseburgers with burger sauce in a brioche bun.

[Homemade] Bacon cheeseburgers with burger sauce in a brioche bun.

who got hungry just after looking at this?

it's 8:30am and i need one of these ASAP.

WhaTs burger sauce?

Tomato sauce mixed with mayonnaise. We call it burger sauce in the UK.

Edit: Yes, we say tomato sauce interchangeably with ketchup or red sauce over here. More often than not, I say tomato sauce though.

Now you really just have thousand island dressing

Real burger sauce also contains finely diced gerkins. Which is off the fucking hook.

Burger breakfast is the best breakfast.

Tag that NSFW jesus

It looks great!!!

Unfortunately. The truth about most brioche is that it is dry and provides a poor platform for juicy meat, whether beef, duck or otherwise.

Also, brioche falls apart after getting wet/moist (sounds dirty, yes). Why not put the burger on a potato bun? It doesn't sound as fancy, but it will deliver flavor and it's structure will hold.

All this being said, I'd still eat this burger and rub the sauce on my nuggets for my neighbors dog to finish off.

God bless America.

If you put an egg on it nobody can judge you.

Holy shit you guys call ketchup "tomato sauce"?

I thought I knew most "UK-isms", but this is totally a new one for me.

I have never had burger breakfast. Or even toyed with the idea. But it sounds glorious and I will do it regularly as of now.

"This is a burger made with meat, in a bun, with nothing. Put ketchup on it if you wish, I really couldn't care less."

Ron Swanson

Utah is famous for fry sauce, which can also be used on burgers. My recipe 1/2 cup Mayo 1/4 cup Ketchup 1 teaspoon pickle juice Lawry's Seasoned Salt to taste

It's basically thousand island dressing.... AKA McDonalds secret sauce

Aldi. $1.99 for 4.

Wait. What?

I mixed mayonnaise, ketchup and Worcester sauce together.

Anorexic with a yeast infection?

Taste and consistency? 👍

Stability and ease of comsumption? 👎

I can't stand brioche as a burger bun. It's too sweet, and it takes over (and away from) the flavor of the burger.

Does this sub only know three foods?

I tried to make In-n-Out like spread the other day. Thought it was just thousand island and relish. Turns out Kraft's Thousand Island tastes like mayo and sucks :/

I am trying to sound like I know what I'm talking about, because I do indeed know what I'm talking about.

I'm a fat middle aged man who eats burgers like most kids devour positive feedback on social media.

Toasting the bun, which should be mandatory, will certainly help, but not change the crumbling tower of brioche on your plate. Also, when was the last time you saw a thin to medium piece of brioche? It's too thick. If you squeeze it to fit in your mouth it will crumble like your hopes of making a woman orgasm. Your can't squeeze it into your mouth and not expect everything to go south.

Sure, you'll get saucy juicy goodness all over your face, but is that all it is about?

Ketchup. It's 1000 island basically

Totallly disagree, Brioche is great for burgers,

gerkins is the funniest word I ever read for pickled cucumbers :D

It's eerily close to an English spelling of our German word "Gurken"

Those buns....

Hold the raw onion, and I'm good to go.

So what do they call a quarter pounder with cheese Brad?

The plot thickens...

God's gift is a good burger on a Sunday morning. I'm always down for dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner.

Jerkin the gherkin is a funny euphamism.

So fry sauce?

But the buns fall apart, no?

I'm from Texas and red sauce is topping on my enchiladas.

Potato buns are the truth. And it does look like a nice juicy burger, but personally I'm much more partial to thin patties. I saw somewhere a method for smash burgers where you take two two ounce pieces of meat, smash them as thin as possible on a griddle, put cheese on one and stack them together. Best burger ever.

I said "fuck" like I was watching porn. About to leave work early to head to the grocery store.

The big question anywhere with good Mexican food: "You want red or green sauce on that?".

Yep. Some people (my wife's connections from Birmingham, anyway) call it 'Red Sauce'

By tomato sauce do you mean ketchup or like spaghetti tomato sauce?

Big Kahuna burger and a Sprite.

Or Utahn.

Yes it mixes in just fine. Yes, I believe it is mostly vinegar and dill spice. It adds a little extra tang. Ketchup has a lot of vinegar in it also, so we just add a little more. The Mayo predominates.

Meat, cheese, and flour. Yup.

Add garlic powder and black pepper and cayenne and you got an amazing sauce


A Burger with a fried egg and bacon is my ideal meal, no matter which meal it is.

Brioche buns ruin burgers for me. Too sweet IMO.

How is it less descriptive? Everyone knows what ketchup is. Tomato sauce could be any sauce that is tomato based. Ketchup, salsa, marinara, tomato sauce, spaghetti sauce, etc.

Also, brioche falls apart after getting wet/moist (sounds dirty, yes).

That's why you want to fry the "exposed" parts of the bun for 30 seconds or so, frying in a small amount of oil seals them stopping the juices from making the bun soggy.

Reckon it's cos we have brown sauce too.

when you put it like that...it just sounds dirty...mcD's secret sauce

Mother of god (said in super troopers voice? I need that sauce all up in my mouth

That's a dangerous game my friend.

Hamburgers the cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast...

Wow all these years on the world wide Web and this morning is the 1st time I've heard this one.

Thanks Internet. You never disappoint.

Ahh, the classic facebook/YouTube style comment.