[Homemade] A whale of a cake

[Homemade] A whale of a cake

Bet it makes a big splash at birthday parties

That was good. Whale done.

You're whalecome.

Yer a wizard, Harry.

This cake looks like buttercream base with white chocolate shards for the water. Won't speculate on the tail, but this cake actually appears to be made of at least 95% things Americans recognize as "normal" cake. While there are plenty of cool cakes that rely too heavily on fondant and rice crispie treats (if you're lucky), OP's cake does not appear to fall into this category.

How do you go about learning how to do that?? Thats amazing and I would love to bust out a rad cake, even marginally as cool as that, but how on earth do you get to that level?? Like is it mostly learning how to make a sturdy cake, and then getting skilled at fontant/marzipan sculptures? Or is there some other trick to it?

This looks amazing! I love whales

I'm what?

If you love whales so much why don't you gay marry them!

Three shit puns, some nonsense, and a lazy pop culture reference. My god. Is this what we've become?

It's basically arts and crafts but with something edible.

Hi! I'm mr meeseeks look at me!


It's a little known fact that dolphins are actually just gay sharks.

is fondant really edible, though? I mean, it basically tastes like plastic, so im skeptical.

Probably took quite a whale to come up with this.

Is it for a whale of a wife ?

Is it for a ?

Based on my fancy cake baking experience, I'm going to say that that's an authentic blue whale tail. Now, how long should I microwave this batter?

Cakes with cool decorations like this look good but most taste like shit. That's because they use fondant, if you can mold and shape play doh or clay, you can make stuff like this and others. Try it out.

This made my wife cry

Yeah, I think it looks like the "overflow" could be melted white chocolate too! It actually looks pretty tasty.

Not really sure what you're basing that on. The whale looks fondant but everything else looks chocolate or frosting based

Light candles and suck in a breath.

"Thar she blows!"

To a Whale of a Wife.

Edit: No Simpsons fans? I'll take my leave.


I'm not a fan of fondant to eat, but making detailed, realistic things out of it for decoration is an art, and it takes a lot of skill and practice.

Orca'n we?

You cakewizards have my utmost respect along with doctors and EMTs. I tried to make a sugarpaste covered pokeball cake for my son's birthday and jesus fucking christ it awakened a rage in me that I didn't think was possible. Sugarpaste is a vile substance.

the sperm whale looks amazing

That guy is the Red Grin Grumbold of pretending he knows what's going on...

Oh you agree huh?

You like that Red Grin Grumbold reference? Well guess what, I made him up. You really are your father's children. Think for yourselves, don't be sheep.

This is boaty's cake

The seamen know a lot about whales.

You're belugarent

I did it on porpoise

This cake is lit af

Don't you mean.....jumped the whale?

I'll see myself out.

No, narwhale-ee man, not on porpoise at least.

Whale done!

"Is he choking up on the club?"

He's Tryin!

Sorry, don't mean to overwhalem everyone.

We sure have jumped the shark!

No need to blubber about it

That's a big deferens in puns.

Cruella de Villa

You could say it's overwhaleming.

Whale oil beef hooked

Cetacean needed

That's a fintastic cake!

I'm not sure if I'm just up too early... but I might have giggled pretty hard at this.

tHrEe sHiT pUnS, sOmE nOnSeNsE, aNd A lAzY pOp cUlTuRe rEfErEnCe. mY gOd. iS tHiS wHaT wE'vE bEcOmE?

But that would make him a gay fish...

One of my friend's daughters desired an ocean style cake for her birthday. :)

Scrolled way to far to find this

Whale, that was killer.

Whale, whale, whale, what do we have here...


Is it a painting bucket???

I bet this was a WHALE of a good time to make.