Thomas is my Ni🅱🅱a

How can Thomas even get lost he's on fuckin tracks, idiot train

Jesus christ is my nigga

Sorry sir but this is a christian server so no swearing

Oh yeah, happens to me all the time.

Jesus Christ is My Ni🅱🅱a

One might even say he got sideTRACKED

Well I wrote this song for the Christian youth

I wanna teach kids the Christian truth.

Idk why but I remember that episode. That fatass in the hat who owned the railroad fell out of a steamroller and into a muddy pond. Sounds like the middle east to me URNGH

m y c r e w i s b i g

This is very far from dank.

Pure shit.

Literally all it is is "Middle east is shit". Why is it that all these poltard wanna be subs don't give a shit about being funny? Half the jokes are just "fucking non whites amirite? SO EDGY!!!"

That's cause Jesus Christ is my Ni🅱🅱a

And it keeps getting b i g g a

What edge. This is weak as fuck.

I hate it when this happens.

Jesus is my city

"That fatass in the hat."

As someone who grew up on that show, I really appreciate you.

How the fuck do you get lost and find yourself in the middle east? this is stupid.

This might be the worst meme I've ever seen.

This was almost danker than OP

What happened to this place? It used to have all sorts of dank and funny memes all the time 1-2 years ago.

I don't know what he was called in the USA but in the UK he is literally called "The Fat Controller."

the_teenagers started showing up.

They can turn

No, it was danker than OP.

WOW my life is now complete. How the fuck did i never see this one before?

England is my city tho

this is so bad

How did this happen? We're smarter than this!

"I'm so uninteresting that liberals and my dislike of them are the only thing my retarded mind can barf out of my mouth-breathing face" -You

Lol holy shit you post in the red pill and the_retard and still use the word cuck unironically. That's a huge triple dose of stupid right there.

Jesus Christ this sub is dead. Lazy

Then gtfo this subreddit regular

Jesus is



If you want to reach those kids on the street, then you gotta do a rap, do a hip-hop beat.

So a train wreck? Sorta like the Middle East then...

Well, I'm not referring to the people of the middle East just the confusing borders and geopolitical conflicts , sorry if it's "edgy"

Yeah it's fucking amazing

Showed this at youth camp a couple of weeks ago. I was told to put it away, which a lot less than other kids blasting gangster rap were told.


The son of the original G ❤️

Yeah I think in the U.S. his name was Sir Topham Hat. Because "fat" is a nono word

No I'm white as fuck. This is just a really stupid meme.

Edit: And why the fuck does that even matter?

Oh I get it now. You post on the_dumbestpeopleontheinternet.

Muslim is my city

Lol seriously. Some of these idiots act like memes actually matter. Hearing a person talk about memes in real life is so fucking cringe worthy.


are you upset

Can you stop with these "England is my city" reg comments?

🅱️Thomas 🅱️he 🅱️rain

I feel like this meme is the hidden backstory of 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand