Hologram tech shown off at CES

If it isn't three-dimensional it isn't a holo

Well, that's not a hologram at all

Did you just assume it's render?

Persistence of vision using light up fan blades.

NOT HOLOGRAPHY, you bundle of sticks!


An array of windmill projectors...

Are you implying im being holophobic?

But can it make anime tiddies

Still cool though

Is this being projected on a pane of glass, or some other way?

That's also not a holigram

Flat. Disappointing. It's basically like a scaled-up version of those fan clocks you see in Brookstone or Sharper Image.

Oh neat, a hologram...let me wave my hand through it!

Loses hand

slow clap *


Came here to say that the future was upon us. Then learned that it's not actually a hologram and am now sad.

Cortona hentai

Or so you say. Since you are the ultimate authority on the subject, we'll take your word for it ok?

What does it look like viewed from different angles?

Probably but the colors will be off unless you like some of those blue ones...

He sounds like an ass but so far this is where true holograms are at ...suspending balls of plasma.

Honestly, I think tech will probably go Augmented Reality with ultrasound giving haptic feedback (which would remove the need for 'gloves' to have tactile feedback)

gonna take a while to recover from google glass though

And if it is three dimensional, it is not a waifu