Hogwarts by Tiggy at Briar Rose Tattoo, London, UK

Hogwarts by Tiggy at Briar Rose Tattoo, London, UK

That is awesome 👏🏻 unusual choice to make it so colourful but it certainly sets it apart ☺️

My lovely customer is a super colourful lady! Green eyebrows (that day) and multicoloured rainbow hair, so it makes sense in context to her. Plus I am a colour tattoo artist and my ‘thing’ is to throw random colours into stuff just because I love it ☺️ I can see how it might be a bit weird though as this scene is very dark.

I love this. I think the color palette evokes the sense of wonder and excited anticipation Harry and the rest felt as they were approaching Hogwarts for the first time. And is nice work. All in all, this made me happy. Thanks for sharing

Thank you so much for your lovely words😊 I’m glad that it makes you feel happy!

I didn’t take it negatively at all! Sorry if it seemed like I did! Thank you for your kind words! ☺️☺️

Oh I didn’t mean it in any negative way - it’s a lovely piece, and very well done. The colours definitely make it a bit more unique though because obviously as a potterhead you may see similar tattoos ☺️ that’s cool to have that context though that the colourful client feels more represented in there 👏🏻

Very beautiful! Also, is that a Beauty and the Beast dress??

I believe that compared to a few decades ago there are more colours available to buy! You should see the collection of inks I have... :s being a colour artist gets expensive. Also it’s possibly more fashionable to go for wild colour now? All these new and different styles have really flourished in the last 10 years I guess, compared to the older trad style which used a limited palette? I rambled a bit sorry, basically my answer is yes.

I wouldn’t say that I’m a shit artist or that this is a shit tattoo either... nobody is perfect, we aren’t machines, and people don’t sit precisely still. Reddit is really doing wonders for my confidence levels which as an artist, were not good to start with. Thanks all!

It seems to me there's a lot more colour - and the colours are more vivid - than you would see in a tattoo a few decades ago. Is this technology that's developing or are people just embracing colour more now?

Because not every person sits perfectly still, especially after 7 hours of tattooing where she was unable to return and finish at a later date. Anyway, I’m always looking to improve my work with every tattoo so I am taking the feedback on board. Thanks.

This was overall a lovely exchange and I’m happy to have witnessed it

I’m feeling that right now, yes indeed. I hope your tattoo goes super well! :)

Also the roof bit is actually detailing that is on the roof, not a wobbly line. But it’s cool. I can see why people are questioning it now.

Thanks for your feedback

I love the negative space you use around the boats, really makes 'em pop! Even though this is a dark scene, I LOOOOOOVE the colour because you instantly know that there's magic in the air!

Yeah don't get on here if it affects your work. I have a tattoo in about an hour and may not even post it here. This place can be ignorant and toxic.

Seriously guys. Not cool.

I’m just tuggin your tattoo gun. Nice work 😀

Just wanted to say that your dress is also lovely!

I love love love the style of this!! Absolutely beautiful