hmmm.......Should I'll be concerned?

Looks like what's referred to as a "hot start". Jet fuel has pooled up inside the combustor can before starting the engine, and once the turbines kick on, they and the compressors push that fuel out the back, then the igniters kick on and whammy fire out the exhaust. Doesn't last long, but never good when this happens as you're frying up areas that aren't meant to cook, like the bubbling paint on the wing and control surfaces after the camera pans back.

That's a safety device to burn off gremlins.

Dear passengers, we're excited to introduce our pilot's new mixtape on this flight.

i once had burning drool come out my back. wasn't a good time.

That’s what happens when you don’t turn your phone off

Good filming the way you kept the camera right on the subject and did not wiggle the camera all over the place was very good.

Fun fact: on the old Mirages, when this occured (referred to as a 'wet start') the prescribed solution was to pour a bucket of water in to dilute/float out the excess Jet-A. Byproduct was no billowing flames like in the video, but you did get a whoomf with a pretty impressive fireball and a bunch of burning drool out the back.

Don't worry, we've got it all under control....have a nice flight!

We're here for quality Reddit posts, not here for OPs safety


Well I want to see your reaction when sitting three metres from a burning engine, held by a wing full of Kerosine.

There's... Something on the wing.... Some THING is on the wing

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Parasites in the landing gear.

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Parasites in the landing gear. 'We need some heat hear man' The Fifth Element

... what?

That's just the Aurora Borealis ... localized entirely to your jet engine.

If it wasn't, I would've kicked and screamed my way off.

Your what is going to go fast a fuck?


As i understand it, it's also very bad for the turbine. That plane was almost certainly grounded for a pretty thorough inspection.

Because I spit hot fire!

Wet start is now what I will call mornings I wake up with diarrhea.

Ring of Fire?


"Not actually a hot start, in a hot start the engine temp ramps up uncontrollably and can cause damage. This is a tailpipe fire. It's a different startup malfunction, not super common but it is a thing and there are simple procedures for clearing it. For a hot start you cut fuel and continue to spin the engine with the starter (motor) for a specified time to cool the engine. For a tailpipe fire you cut fuel and motor the engine until the fire goes out even if it exceeds the limits for running the starter too long. A hot start generally happens when the engine gets incorrectly scheduled fuel during startup, a tailpipe fire happens when fuel gets beyond the combustion chamber."

This was from another thread this was posted in.


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Definitely ball bearings... everything’s ball bearings these days.

On some planes, that's a feature not a bug

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If you have to even ask if that looks safe, just sit back and enjoy the flight

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