"And then a squad of Republican Nazi goons kicked in the door. I threw my Ed Catmull book at them. Having never seen a book before, they shrieked in horror and ran back to their 4X4 pickup trucks and drove off. Every truck had a pair of Truck Nutz painted red white and blue. The white woman who started all the trouble began to sob and beg my forgiveness. The rest of the coffee shop began chanting "Shame! Shame!" and she ran out into the street where she was run over by a bus. Everybody laughed and began to clap."

Y'all, this is 2018!

somewhere out there is a white woman who really has no idea what just happened to her

"all I did was ask if the extra chair was free, and she threatened to attack me"

I’ve literally seen someone tell this exact story but throwing something else at them.

People are so quick to escalate everything, she probably just asked her for a chair at the table that wasn't being used and she was being a dick about it.

Ill take race baiting for 2K Alex

I feel like it was one that had the girls books or a bag on it or something. She seems like the kind of girl to take up a table for 4 by herself by spreading her shit all over the table

Must've cropped out the "everyone applauded" bit.

But who clapped?

She was just asking for a chair, you didn't have to be an asshole.

that comment...