Dammit, Chigga Brian!


I heard he goes by Rich Brian now. Anyway, yeah that's him.

That is Brian isn’t it

Then how did the...

there is a mirror. You can see the water stains and such on it near his face. There aren't any on the arm though, because it's a separate arm reaching up to cover up the phone taking the picture. Notice how the elbow, perspective, and size of the arm don't quite line up. It looks too close and too big.

There's no mirror, someone just took a picture of him posed like that

Nope, changed his name sometime during the beginning of 2018. Just goes by Rich Brian now.

Is that the new Ramen X?

Isnt it the beginning of 2018?

Is that Brian

she coming thru she coming thru

Wait... He doesn't go by rich chigga anymore?

You’d think with all that song money he’s getting he’d be able to afford a real phone.

It’s photoshop

yeah, he changed his name twice in the last couple weeks

He’s using 88rising’s technique, just like joji, to try to grow out of the memes. Chigga and Filthy frank is limited to jokes, but as actual human beings (brian, joji) they want to go a bit “mainstream” with their music (with viral elements still)

The hand and noodle is placed just in front of the mirror, not the phone.


He said because it's offensive, which I mean it could be but

really? Seems like it wouldn't be hard to do this if you had 2 people and a bit of time to get it worked out

Rich Chigga

Yeah, i think he goes by rich Brian now

Yeah it works for everyone in China!

she suckin dick she suckin dick

i'm like god damn u dirty bitch

Now called Rich Brian.

I mean hey it's trying to get away with saying nigga as a non black person. I personally don't care but some do and he just decided to go with that option. Really no big deal

I pho got to boil the water.

Its Rich Chigga!

Maybe because I was late to the game, but I personally never associated Brian/Rich Chigga with memes, I’ve just always enjoyed his music and thought he was overall a funny guy. I thought he only changed it because he didn’t want people to think a name he made up when he was a preteen was meant to be racist!

suck ma dick so good

I think it's actually Rich Brian now, changed his name in early 2018

We're going nowhere!!

Who's Brian?

But how do you take a picture if the phone is covered?

In the early 2018?

Clearly he took the photo with ramen noddles. I don't see why anyone is questioning that

Hope the facial recognition system is good

But that’s ramen

So ramendroid ?

Yeah lmao


Can’t unsee

not chopped off, bent inwards and under the ramen. you can see it as a darker portion right under the lighter portion