Ceiling Cat! What a blast from the past

Ceiling cat is watching you launch


I don't know anything about photoshop but I feel like this is really good photoshop.

Meow control to Major Tom~

Who said anything about photoshop? This is the real deal!

Ceiling Cat is watching you perambulate.

A truly antique meme to be sure! I wonder if all this time ceiling cat has continued to watch us fap? I like to think so.

I for one welcome our new cat overlords.


Anal bum cover?

That color match is impressive

I remember dying of laughter the first time I saw "Ceiling Cat iz watching u masturbate"


Ceiling cat... that's a name i haven't heard in a long time...

Le Tits Now.

OP is woke. This proves flat earth and now we know the one true god.

I wonder if he's mad that I haven't been tithing.

why is a cosmonaut with a suitcase running towards a delta II? they aren't crew rated, and could mush you an the way up if you try to ride one...

This post is not even hmmm worthy... everyone is just really excited to see ceiling cat again!

Then your Webcam light turned off

haters will say it's photoshop.

What are you talking about? I live near Cape Canaveral and I see cats in the sky every day.

its just going to hit the ceiling regardless so its a moot point

How could you ruin this.

Commencing kitten engine fire.

Original photo.

ceiling cat sends all practitioners of no nut november to the basement

Ceiling Cat! 

Or wall cat?

Ceiling Cat!

Or ?

imagine the sky actually ripped open and this cat looked through, with its pupils wide and with the familiar but no longer cute look of a twitchy cat about to pounce.

seeing all of us... running away. yelling but to it sounding nothing more than little squeaks as we scurry about

Man, the internet used to be such a different place.

Is this an Everyday Astronaut picture?

I'm sure most are familiar, but in case you aren't here is the Lolcat Bible

It's ceiling cat you goof!

Last night, before bed, I prayed to ceiling cat to watch over me and keep me safe.

Fake news.

Did ceiling cat shit in your cereal this morning?

This is shopped. I can tell from the pixels and from seeing quite a few shops in my time.

Defs did not expect that.

Looking in from /sub/thecatdimension

Everyday Astronaut is a treasure.

Classic ceiling cat

It's an older meme sir, but it checks out.

I have

No, this only proves the eggshell theory.

Thash what your mosher shaid lasht night.

Photoshop will say it's haters

Why not? After all, it's Destroy Dick December.


Reminds me of The Truman Show



I had a ceiling cat on our Windows XP deployment, but only if logged in with the local admin account.


What sound does something make when it goes over your head?


For 8 years i lived a happy life with that prememe, jow i can unsee what you just said, you ruined it, you ruined it all

Major Tom from Tom& Jerry

Because it keeps going over your head

Checking Kitteh and may gods love be with mew....

Sounds cool, do I need to RSVP or...?

Yea, those street lights look super fake.

True story