It blends in so well with the scenery.

I didn't see it at first but then i got instantly scared and uncomfortable


Ok this is good /sub/hmmm material because it's not immediately obvious why it belongs here, but the upvotes clearly indicate that it does belong, so you have to spend a moment examining the photo going "hmmmmm" and looking for the weird part.

When you see it...

I now question every pile of leaves I see

Not long with a custom Sheeran-head brush with random scaling. Just stroke as many Sheeran-heads as you'd like

I just want to know how long it took to Photoshop this.

Thank you, I couldn’t have made it here without you.


I'd like to stroke many Sheeran heads.


my favorite band, A Great Big Pile Of Ed Sheeran

I don’t see the big deal. It’s just ed standing for a photo in the fall.... Ohhhhhhh wait.

We should start /sub/hmmmmm, for posts that require a little bit more thinking

Woah didn't even notice the watermark at first! Thanks for pointing it out

I actually jumped a little... I'm not proud...


My favorite White Stripes song is "Ed Leaves and the Dirty Ground."

im in love with the shape of me

i keep falling from the trees

im in love with abscission

i see death in my vision

Wow this is amazing

But of coursh!

A great sheen on the leaves in that light hu?

Is this the true shape of Ed Sheeran?

We're on /sub/hmmm afterall

I was thinking, "someone photoshopped that head onto that body". I came to realize that the body was pretty much the only thing it wasn't photoshopped on.

Can I introduce you to... Ted Sheeran

Can I introduce you to...

For some reason I would like to see more of this.

Where would I go to see more of this?


This is my first time in this sub. I was hoping all the comments would just be hmmm.

It's because you suddenly realized there were a million eyes secretly staring at you

u shud ✔ out /sub/hmmm

I thought it was his extra little thumb

I didn't share an opinion above, but here's one for free: You're a cunt

This guy Sheerans


Holy shit. It took getting all the way down to your comment to see it.

He is a leaf monster.

I physically recoiled when it hit me


Well, it is a classic repost. So I think that qualifies it.

I agree about the fate of subs that blow up, but the fact that this image is so incredibly innocuous for this sub, yet it still gets upvotes. To me, that says that there's something novel about this submission.


it was 2 minutes old

You'll shit bricks!

I thought someone photoshopped his head to be massive, then I saw it.

Needs more jpeg

There you go!

I am a bot

Needs more jpeg

I am a bot

Me too


Thank you.

Ed Sheeran’s our heads and our bodies are young.

Before I knew what was going on in the photo I was scared and uncomfortable


Wtf, who photoshopped a concrete path onto a nice fall picture?

Woah. Who pished in your sheerial?

Was that comment necessary?


Am I doing it right? I feel part of this.

I got you


A great sheen on the leaves in the light hu?

Shitpost? That doesn't make any sense. I'm sincerely confused.

someone photoshopped his head

Good bot.

I feel like it took me much too long to notice.

Thank you for sheeran this.

OH SHUT UP ALREADY you stupid karmawhores. I've seen nothing but karmawhoring bullshit comments all day on Reddit today. The real opinions are downvoted because Reddit's one big bubble of bullshit. JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP already. God, you lot piss me off.

Is this a copypasta?

It's barely 20 minutes old now. Poor comment is barely even a pup.

Needs more jpeg

Jaffa, KREE!

The longer you look at it the worst it gets

First motivational poster caption: when u c it

Second motivational poster caption: U'LL SHIT BRICKS XD


Could you un-introduce us? Otherwise my Ed Sheeran dreams turn into Ted Sheeran nightmares

You're welcome.