Probably at least 100 years, maybe more. You can tell because the material in the screen doesn't start decaying to transparency for at least half a century

a e s t h e t i c

How old are those laptops?


Something something joke about Windows

I, too, agree that there is potential for a great joke along those lines. I, too, am unable to come up with said joke.

c a m e h e r e f o r t h i s , w a s n o t d i s s a p o i n t e d

I can come up with at least 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 95, XP, or maybe even 98 Second Edition incredibly bad jokes, here.


Now someone view this picture on their laptop on a blank nondescript white bed and line up the edges to add a layer

Sounds like a lot of joke potential to ME.

Any proof?


The iBook is probably around 14 years, I'm not sure about the first Thinkpad but it's definitely newer than the second, I think the second Thinkpad is probably 17 to 20 years, the Toshiba is probably 19-21 years, and the Powerbook is probably around 21 years.

Also it looks like the first two have European keyboard layouts, not sure of the rest.


Parallax - Dimensions EP

My grandfather had a Thinkpad when he was 20 and that was back in '43.

So probably 75+ years old.

Hmmm... Let me try:

Looks like those Windows must have been a pane to set up.

No shit. You didn't know laptops existed in WW2?