Wtf is going on, I feel like I'm on something, they're all just so casual about it.

"Yo. Just waste deep checkin mah emails. That's my thing".

This looks like the header image for some Russian college

It is a Russian meme.

Swamp guy was actually the first one, he made the picture to participate in a social media photo contest and it became hugely popular in Russian internet. Both OP's and /u/Termojeesus pictures were made in response to the swamp guy.


"Wid online class, you study from de comfordt of your own fishing hhhole"

Gaming on a laptop with a broken fan

It is a Russian meme.

ofcourse lol

Russians are operating on many more levels of dankness than the rest of us.

Looks like a meme

At least with him you can see a little bit of distress behind his eyes. This chick's just having a normal day.

These standing desks are getting out of control

You see Ivan, hypothermia is just kapitalist propaganda

Oh those Russians

2/10 would not wait again.

Russians are operating on many more levels of dankness dampness than the rest of us.

dank - adjective - disagreeably damp. :P

His hands are obviously frozen.

Swamped with work

Russians are operating on many more levels of dankness dampness than the rest of us.

Ra Ra Rasputin


Y tho

don't remind me of those sad days

For better cooling

Where's the hardbass though


lover of the russian queen

I can't wait till he gets back so this shit finally ends


Ah Russian summer


Freezing? Cold? Frostbite?

Is just lies from western socialist pigs.

Dear Bookish Lady of the Ice Water,

I am but a humble knight and I seek an answer to this riddle:

"How many terms did Grover Cleveland serve as President?"

Please communicate the answer through a single hand gesture.


I dunno, she seems pretty cool!

There was a cat that really was gone.

Only 2 days until he gets back but you know there will be a week of reaction and follow-up memes before the /u/waterguy12 stock value hits rock bottom

Eee PC

That's one frigid bitch

i removed the bottom plate and elevated it with pads made from construction paper and duct tape, then bought a 3 pin fan from ebay, spliced it with an old iphone charger to make it usb powered, and "insulated" it with duct tape, then put the fan underneath my cpu and elevated one side with more duct tape pads for airflow. 60fps on csgo, barely adequate. fuck yeah.

Dudes got some long fucking arms

Chinese memes are still number one.


This is further down than I expected.

'Cause his sleeves are rolled up

Russia's greatest love machine

Trapped in Crimea with Scooter.

Ethernet cable just barely reaches the router so you and your friend can have a LAN.

China numbah foh!

Taiwan numbah wan!


Aaaand, it's in my head for the next week

There is no way that's not Russia.

"I'm learning about hypothermia."

Like what? All I’ve seen have been jokes about Russia and bad puns

Edit: nope never mind, just below you is where the vitriol starts

His gloves?


That flowed well.

Cause his balls are about to shrivel up and fall off


Dang there's a lot of misogyny in these replies, especially for how easy going this post is.

North Korean memes best memes


You are now a moderator of /sub/pyongyang

Its such a shame how he carried on

These m'lady posts are getting weirder and weirder.

Omg the anti-sjw crowd has became far more obnoxious than the SJW crowd has ever been or ever will be

Frivolous attempt at political commentary.

She doesnt even have sleeves.

Til the damn screen freezes again

that was so bad i stopped reading this comment chain

is he 10 or 22


Can't explain why it exploded the way it did... Just part of the unpredictability of Reddit.


Well, that's ONE way to deal with a laptop that overheats, I suppose.


North Korean memes only memes 🇰🇵


He owned the Russian land, and never mind the czar.

But the kazachok he danced, really wunderbar

That would actually be pretty nice

Does this have to come up every single time "Russia" is mentioned?

That's in both the literal literal and the metaphorical literal senses of the word.

Oh snap son!

She's got that cup of coffee, she's fine.

This picture is so... wait for it.... CHILL

That was a blast from the past.

Lmfao because OF COURSE it's from /sub/me_irl. That's great, thanks mate

I mean me too thanks

"Hi, im stacy, im 17 years old. And this is my strange addiction"


His list of great things to accomplish today.

Yeah, Best Buy fucking sucks

His toes?

Just Canadians things

It's good this picture was in summer. In winter it can get very depressing.

Which part, waterguy12, or "stock value hitting rock bottom"?

True Korean memes best memes


Long fingers too. Wonder what else is long

The water guy thing. I've been seeing it all over today and have no idea where it came from lol

Listen to the Turisas cover. It's... Possibly better than the stock song?