HITMAN - Announcement Trailer

HITMAN - Announcement Trailer

Here's to hoping it's more like Blood Money. Blood Money was fucking amazing.

Say what you want about the game but that was a fucking great trailer.

The way everyone else seems to feel about Fallout and Skyrim is how I feel about Hitman.

I'm praying they go back to the Blood Money formula with this one.

One of the devs in an IGN interview said they ARE trying to make it more like Blood Money.

The music was on point.

i hope they go the Blood Money route and not the Absolution route.

Absolution, while not a bad game itself, was frustrating. there's potential for an amazing Hitman game in there somewhere, but that wasn't it. if the developers learned their lessons and listened to criticisms, we could have an amazing Hitman game here.

Is Jesper Kyd working on the soundtrack again? If its true, it would be godly.

I'm pretty sure they have said previously they are going back to the Contracts/Blood Money roots because it is what the fans want. I cannot wait!!

After Absolution they wrote an open letter admitting they fucked up and they wont be making the same mistakes in the future. I had something like close to 100 hours of Blood Money. I completed Absolution once. I desperately wanted to like it but I just couldn't.

Gameplay reveal here


I like that they emphasize the sandbox setting. Bodes for a more Blood Money-esque game.

Reminds me of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo trailer.

All I want is another mission like Traditions of the trade or A new life. Those got to be my favorite Hitman missions of all time.

Yeah if anyone happens to know the song or artist I'd be interested to know

Here's more information about the game

Honestly, I liked Absolution. Not as much as Blood Money, but still. Absolution had some serious polish on it.