History of Religion by Paul Kinsella

History of Religion by Paul Kinsella

I love this. I've decided to worship it.

Apparently it took me 57 years to grow up. But at least I made it.

That seems sane. People have been doing it for thousands of years, why stop now?

most folks don't make it. You did well.

Here comes the sun. 🎶Doo doo doodoo 🎶

You'd better hope that your interpretations of that image don't differ even the slightest, lest both your families will probably be at war for literally thousands of years.

That's funny. Paul Kinsella is my brother-in-law.

I realized at 12 that I'd probably always been an atheist and didn't really even know.

52 for me, if it's any consolation...

Tell him I wanted to link his FB but the rules don't allow it here. :)

I would have the first panel have been people worshiped the sun and had it come full circle, but very accurate.

I wish everybody grew up so I don't have to walk through life trying to justify to myself why its okay for people to be fucking crazy

Imagine what a theologian would have to say about this. This should go on shirts!

I'll send him a link to the post momentarily :) I know he'll appreciate the recognition.

I grew up fast at 20 years old

Oh shit a 9 panel comic didn't perfectly cover thousands of years of religious history.

Ripe age of twelve. Sitting in the cathedral listening to the minister drone on, thinking, "where are the unicorns?"

Please let me show you how correct worshiping is done, as told to me by the author himself, that one time we had a night on the town.

First start refering to myself as "that Big Brother who talks with the author". You may shorten it to just Big Bro when addressing to me.

Next I deputize you. Go out there and find persons like you who are interested in comics, how they're done and also what makes a comic worth of our worship.

Once we've corralled six or seven of them, I promote you to "Acting vide-president in charge of operations". We teach them The Way, then we deputize them.

Soon enough there are a few dozens of us. It's becoming complicated to get The Word around, we need to organize, promote a few kapos.

Nonwithstanding the fact that we've inadvertantly recruited some true criminal material, some of our gathernings are being spotted by the populace. I've heard of brawls and shouting matches. This can not be. We need an army to protect us from outside aggression, and a police to protect us from internal dissension. Just hope we don't mix up those two.

Now, we sure have no business in controlling the world, but in light of recent events it would appear that this is our only hope to protect our faith and our associated ways of doing stuffs. Our doctrine is sound, our armies are fearless, our police has no shame, and we've gathered most of the bipedal population around those parts. The time has come for Phase Two to commence. Release the ships !

Worshiping the Sun is the best we've ever done.

It exists and we'd actually be quite fucked without it.

And I say, it's all right.

I think it may be because, as an Atheist, if your beliefs are based in empirical fact it becomes difficult to see religion as anything other than childish given the sheer lack of evidence and implausibility of the story behind many of them. I don't think all, or even the majority of atheists intend to condescend against anyone simply because they are religious, but rather there is a bad taste left in the mouth of many atheists given the zealotry of some religions followers and what that means for many people whether it has to do with civil rights, persecution by those of the religion, etc.

Additionally if someones morality is based on what an atheist would consider a fictitious text you cant help but draw connections between that and someone organizing their morality on any other work of fiction which from that perspective seems incredibly childish.

I was sitting in a cathedral listening to the minister drone thinking "Why are we sitting in here for hours a week when we could be out helping people or doing something useful with our lives?" But then I thought "A loving god wouldn't inflict these sermons on us." And I was out.

Yay for cathedrals!

I've always said, the quickest way to make an atheist is to hand them a Bible.

Religious people have very narrow minded indoctrinated views. Maybe its an analogy.

The Internet had little to do with my deconversion. It mostly came from direct Bible study. I think the most devastating thing for me was reading the books in the order they were written.

I can appreciate that for some people faith, religion, belief in a supreme being etc etc is a positive thing for their well-being, and not everyone around the world has access to education or resources. The whole "growing up" thing to me feels kind of condescending. Do many of you see non-athiests that way? Like you are enlightened and mature but they still need to grow up? Not having a go, just genuinely curious.

So how many panels do you think would be appropriate? The artist's brother-in-law is here, so maybe he can get the message to him.

It encompasses a very narrow minded view of religion.

SECRET ATHEIST CODE CRACKED: Actually a sun-worshiping pagan cult! Spread this far and wide!

Yes, I believe he's a bit of a Gary Larson fan. He use to have a Larson-esque single panel comic in the daily newspaper of his hometown. That was years ago, though. When his kids came along, he stopped cartooning altogether but he seems to be getting back into it lately.

He's a good guy, very conscientious and he's great at pointing out the obvious in a non-obvious sort of way.

Here is where you correct it then.

"Religion was created when the first conman met the first fool" Mark Twain

I don't think of myself as more enlightened in general. But I do think of myself as more enlightened on the specific topic of belief, absolutely. Theism is a form of naievity. It eschews broader historical and natural facts about religion and morality in favor of narrow-minded authority-driven conviction. Once you're outside of that bubble and you can see how the broad diversity of belief systems connect, evolve, influence one another, form from one another, etc... Once you can see it from that world perspective, it's impossible not to feel like the people still trapped inside those bubbles haven't quite grown up yet.

Yeah but I kind of think younger is preferable. If you're younger like us when we reject religion, you'll have more time to appreciate reality as reality and, more importantly, not subject your kids to the same beliefs.

As Jesus would have wanted.

19 years for me, but the important thing isn't when you grow up, just that you do.

I would caption the last frame with something else. Atheists seem to like to feel like elitests. Getting over that is part of growing up too.

Praise the sun! [+]/

If it was accurate it wouldn't be made into an easy to digest silly comic.

I like his work. Is he influenced by Gary Larson?

I swear, the best way to raise an atheist child, is to raise him religious.

perfect response imo. I think it works for either the agenda of atheism or theism. The point: present evidence and don't blindly live in an echo chamber.

Monty python said this best in life of Brian.

Some religious people do, as do some atheists. Others are different.