His reaction is so genuine

His reaction is so genuine

I thought we were in SequelMemes for a second, but it's fine. We're fine.

He’d prefer a Obi-Wan standalone film with Ewan McGregor

Harrison has stated pretty publicly that he doesn't actually really like watching scifi/geeky movies

Yet they are his best movies.

I like how blatant Harrison Ford is about not caring much about Star Wars. I want to grow up and be a cranky old man like he is

Begun, this clone war has

How are you?

Paychecks a paycheck, and TFA was a pretty big paycheck.

But Boba was the clone.

I love it, he probably just takes a look at most of the people there and is really thinking "God damned nerds".

He was actually really proud of blade runner. It’s his best movie imo

It was a boring conversation anyway.

Failed u/Nazi_Marxist has. Into exile he must go.

Lucas: “So it’s treason then.”

Obi-Wan would also prefer a documentary about one of his adventures starring Ewan McGregor

I don't like where this subreddit is heading. Rogue One and Solo might technically be prequels, but they lack everything that makes the prequels so DYNAMIC. Things like galactic parliaments, trade blockades, death sticks, long committee meetings, and spinning.

Disney is going to keep cranking out these Lucas-less prequels, and soon they'll outnumber the true prequels 50 to 1. Some people say we shouldn't worry about it because they lack those special meme-spices that Lucas cleverly baked into his prequels, and that their memes will naturally die on the vine. But this post itself is evidence against that.

These phony prequels are growing more powerful by the day.

It's time we eliminate them.

This one sucked. I had the OT and Bladerunner in mind.

2049 was his first performance in years that didn’t seem like he was phoning it in.

It's because he doesn't like Han Solo (and the movies) and wanted him killed off a long, long time ago. He was ecstatic when he finally died in The Force Awakens.

I had Star Wars in general, and Indiana Jones in mine. Lol

How embarrassing... how em-barr-assing.

Don't worry, neither are we.

He felt more invested in 2049 than in ROTJ.

He liked Blade Runner

First of all, there's no "if" for Obi-Wan being real.

My one objective in life is to so successful that I'd hate the fans who keep bringing me success

Because it was a job, not a fan obsession.

Yeah. Neither would I tbh. Fully expect it to be shite.

I actually think that makes him the perfect solo, he's just as grumpy as his character


Have you ever watched him actually talk about it? Especially when he talks about the open ended ending and his personal interpretation? You don’t know what you’re talking about

Probably because he likes Blade Runner more than Star Wars.

I wonder what the age is where you turn from”that asshole” to the “cranky old man”

If Obi-Wan's real, how is a movie starring Ewan McGregor a documentary though

Deploy the upvotes!

You don't have to be an obsessed fan to care about a character.

I do find it funny how Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill are complete opposite sides of the coin on this issue. Mark clearly cares about the Luke Skywalker character (and Star Wars as a whole for that matter) and it means a lot to him, meanwhile Ford couldn't give less of a fuck about Han Solo.

At least Jango died due to jet pack failure and at the hands of Jedi Master Mace Windu instead of some random sarlacc pit.


He dislikes the character of Han Solo in general.

Guess everyone is getting a death sentence then.

The Star wars fanbase shall decide your fate!

75 - I’ve seen it happen hahaha

I have a feeling that that's because Blade Runner seems a little less spacey sci-fi (which he doesn't like) and a bit more technopunk, which I guess he does like, I dunno, I haven't actually seen it.

I’m fine.

It might be just random to you, but to me at the time, it was the best damn sarlacc pit I had ever seen.

Well then you are lost!

That's cause he hates han solo and only came back for TFA for a 30 million buck paycheck.

Pretty sure it's Star Wars specifically

Jango was better.

General Reposti!

Make Indiana Jones 4 one time and suddenly you're "that guy" for the rest of forever.

You belong in a museum!

Execute order 66.

In legends he actually survives the sarlacc.

Door slides open and Han and Chewie walk through Han: “Chewie... we’re fine” Chewbacca: “RUUUUAAAARGGHHHHHH*

First of all, through Obi-Wan, all things are possible. So jot that down.

Quoting Indiana Jones here? Is that legal?

Yeah I think his response is the same as most people's.

If you watch the rest of that clip he corrects himself so while he might not be that excited because he really isn't that interested in Star Wars he's not anti the new movie by any means

His thought process on Han Solo's character is that he should've died in Empire Strikes Back as natural progression of redemption story of a scoundrel turned hero. He did not agree with Lucas on keeping him alive, and when invited to do TFA, he agreed only on the condition of killing off Han Solo.

Watch that shit

A grumpy pilot. Checks out.

I will make it legal!

Maybe he just prefers Jango?


Here's the , if anyone is interested in seeing this. I'm probably going to be downvoted for this, but he was actually just joking here. Right after saying what's in the picture he does say he will watch it as a fan. albeit being a little weird, and that he's met Alden Ehrenreich, that's he's a great actor and really sweet guy.

In legends the real canon he actually survives the sarlacc.



I mean his hobby is flying aircraft. I don't think he has any time in his schedule for anything else

Just like Boba Fett, the original will always be better than the clone