Hilarious Vayne backdoor!

Hilarious Vayne backdoor!

Holy fuck, attacking minions instead of Shen's thornmail was some quick thinking.

think he got fucked like 1500158193 times earlier that game because of thornmail so he learned his lesson

Shen attempts to be viable

Backdoor? I would call that kicking the front door to the ground instead :D

Smart, Beautiful and Amazing. I'm talking about Gosu not the play.

this vayne is good, is he like gold or something?


No, it's a grill, you know, something that makes food.

Just awful word choice on my part

Not once did I laugh.

That taunt.

She's a grill after all


3 autos from vayne + an ignite. The last auto was delayed because he arcane shifted back

and karthus ult

The beauty of a farmed Karthus.

Cool, yes. Hilarious? Umm...



I was sitting there watching thinking "holy shit hes gonna get an inhib" "holy shit hes gonna get a nexus turret" "oh hes dead but still wortHOLY FUCKIN GOSU"

how did ezreal die rofl


How did Quinn heal so much while fighting gosu? Then just a crit+3rd silver bolts proc+botrk did lik 80% of quinns hp

i like the way you think


I thought they decided to attack the minions for the greater lifesteal than Shens armour, not even thinking of Thornmail.

and crits the 1st and 3rd hit crit on hai

Hai was raging so hard when this happened it was soooooo funny.

Soraka ulted before karthus ult to try to counter it. But karthus ult still did more damage (and even killed raka)






I stand sit corrected.


Then the enemy team bans Vayne and Ezreal and it is all over for beloved Gosu.

At this point its just a meme, but its mostly reinforced by gosu's refusal to show his face. The most credible information there is puts gosu as a 19 20 year old middle eastern guy living in either the USA or Canada.

I don't get it.. Do people actually think he's a girl or do they just not know he's a guy/meme it?

This is new.

Goddamn... the play he makes after

Same. Ended up being the superior decision on both counts!

A demonstration of superior judgement.

that randuins active

Awful music choice too D:

Gosu didnt get red buff until he killed Hai

John Lenin is kill

Holy shit. The legend.

The fail of being a soraka

this isn't as beat as the top comment atm "gosu = gril"

Basically, Vayne would have killed her self if she attacked Shen with Thornmail.

I stand sit corrected

lol. He's not a one-trick-pony as people on reddit think

answers ezreal's question in chat... that shit blows my mind

I can pretend I'm improving, but I'm never going to be that comfortable

ponto1 r u back

It's not very effective...

Why are so many people giving this garbage attention? I really don't understand why a lazy Youtube troll is continually talked about here lately.

the bork + BT build is so nice. that lifesteal play was FANTASTIC!

Your word choice was far from awful these nut crackers are just hipster bundles of sticks. Did I laugh? No, was it ironically hilarious. Yes.

Shen is jealous.

Gosu himself says on his FAQ that he is male...

But was he kill?

Does rape just happen to women?

Took me 3 watches to realize it was a delayed auto. It looked like he didn't get the extra auto off because of the distance

That was amazing


Didn't even realize it was Gosu untill the end.

For real, I just saw some amazing late game plays and then this amazing level 3 fight.

Shen is one of my top 3 most played champs, and it always infuriates me when people use taunt to gapclose. Against a mobile champ such as Vayne, if you try to close the gap with Shadow Dash, you literally used the ONLY CC you have, put it on large cooldown, and have essentially killed yourself. Notice that as soon as Vayne sees this, she just runs away and starts shooting minions and the nexus because she's entirely safe.

Anyone wanting to play Shen: HOLD TAUNT. It is a skill to be feared if you're caught by it, but entirely useless if you miss due to the high energy cost not being partially refunded for landing the taunt. I guarantee if he held it, Vayne would not have ran in like that. Taunt > Q > Ki Strike + Thornmail damage would have probably finished her at that point in the game.

tl;dr: Shadow Dash is Shen's only CC. Use it when you're sure you can hit it or to escape, because it's all you've got.

But he has medicore positioning for a lcs adc and isn't even one of the best solo q adcs.

Vvvortic and creative don't really go well together, he'll probably just spout some crap about abusing lifesteal mechanics.

gosu the legend