Judging a book by it's cover here. That guy looks like he should have had a pretty easy time in high school. He has no idea what hell is until he enters the working world.

I think his high school sounds extremely irresponsible and needs to focus on improving their fire safety

Wait til he gets out of HS....

Sam Winchester?

and then 20+ years later, the world still hates you, so you are a shut in hermit that has to use amazon pantry to order food.

Nah. By the time you graduate, fire ain't nuthin'.

Think back to when you were 16,17 and remember how you felt everything in the world was against you. It prob wasn`t but to a kid rational thought is not your strong suit. Its a blast of hormones and confusion.

His parents didn't brush up on their history before they named him

He should try nursing school. Heck, med school... go in for the kill.

Explains why the schoolbus always played Highway to Hell.

Aw thanks Johnny boy. Take that ray of sunshine with you on your journey.

If highschool is equivalent to an Abitur in Germany - which everyone told me so far - that guy is a fucking wimp