Highlights from new NBC News/WSJ poll: 56% of Americans think Trump’s administration is incompetent

Highlights from new NBC News/WSJ poll: 56% of Americans think Trump’s administration is incompetent
Highlights from new NBC News/WSJ poll: 56% of Americans think Trump’s administration is incompetent

Why on earth is it that low?

Because a large portion of people in America don't even have a basic understanding of how the government functions.

This is the same poll that says the Republicans are better on the economy AND taxes than the Democrats yet say the tax bill was a bad idea.

We just need to face it, we are paying for decades of poor education across vast swaths of this country and it might take too long to fix it.

Yeah, that was mind blowing when Katy Tur put that up on the screen. Republicans are being viewed as better for reducing the deficit? Are you freaking kidding me? They just blew a multi-trillion dollar hole in the deficit that will continue increasing for years and years. Since 1977, the only Presidents who have ever reduced the deficit are all Democrats.

I'm so sick of living in a country where almost half the people are absolute morons.

only 56%?

The other 44% don't know that "incompetent" means "shitty at their jobs". Because they are, themselves, incompetent.

Breaking news: 44% of Americans are dumb as rocks.

Republicans have the advantage on taxes, reducing the deficit and protecting America’s interests on trade. [emphasis added]

How any Americans can still believe Republicans have anything useful to say about reducing deficits or fiscal prudence is a mystery. Maybe Republicans have a hidden agenda: selling poor people's body parts. A kidney for a year on welfare?

40% of them think dinosaurs an people lived at the same time. I wish I was pulling that out my ass, but its true.

George Carlin:

Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

Hey now, I’m shitty at my job and even I know what incompetent means.

"44% of respondents answers were unusable, as they merely drooled or bit into the microphone, assuming it was some kind of fluffy ice cream."

yeah, 40% of Americans think dinosaurs an people lived at the same time.

I see lots of "Only 56%?" in thread.

Am I the only one who is encouraged by this? 56% is massive. Even at the worst moments of the Iraq War in the mid-2000s or immediately after Hurricane Katrina, could you get even 46% of Americans to say the Bush administration was incompetent? I doubt it. (Doesn't mean they weren't, particularly on those two things, but even a lot of Democrats looked at that administration and concluded that the country wasn't in danger of becoming a failed state.)

26% of Americans think the sun revolves around the Earth

I've been plucking at this particular thread for a few months. Here's the current incarnation:

42% of voters currently support Trump. 41% of Americans believe The Rapture will definitely or probably happen by 2050. 37% of Americans believe in haunted houses. 33% of Americans are creationists 31.9% of Americans approved of GWB when he left office. 25% of Americans are climate change deniers 23% of Americans believe that the rapture will definitely occur by 2050. 21% of Americans believe you can mentally communicate with the dead. 19.4% of Americans voted for Trump (=63m/323.1m). 19% of Americans believe abortion should be illegal in all circumstances (range 15-22% since 2001). 18% of adult Americans watch Fox News.


Current RealClearPolitics approval average http://news.gallup.com/poll/16915/three-four-americans-believe-paranormal.aspx https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Public_image_of_George_W._Bush http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2010/07/14/jesus-christs-return-to-earth/ 2013 Creationism survey 2015 Climate change poll 2001-2016 Abortion polls *2013 Pew News poll

I doubt that his support will ever go down below GWB's exit approval rate of 31.9%. Edit: added Fox News item.

The difference is, a lot of other cultures place value in intelligence and experience, and expect competence to stem from that because they don't want an idiot running the country. Republicans have spent the last several decades teaching their supporters that intelligence is something to be ridiculed and shunned. Therefore, not only do you have a dumb population that revels in their ignorance, they demand that their leaders behave just like them.

This insane stupidity coupled with stubbornness and a refusal to believe facts is not exclusive to America, but I'd argue it's the most widespread there.

Also it's a pretty staggering statement. I disapproved of W. from day 1, but I wouldn't have called him incompetent until Katrina, at least. Trump has been incompetent from the moment he walked into the white house and no one could turn on the lights.

TIL: 40% of Americans believe The Flinstones was a reality television show.

It truly is an idiocracy, or the much more apt term "Kakistocracy".

I get into debates with Trump supporters, and it's hard to debate them because we can't even agree on the most basic of facts.

For example, tax cuts. Tax cuts are what fuels the economy in their view, not consumer demand, disposable income for the average consumer, the velocity of money, aggregate demand, and so on and so forth. Tax cuts on the wealthiest of the wealthiest business owners is how you drive an economy, and furthermore the tax cuts pay for themselves.

I then point out that between 1981-2018 we've had an explosion of deficit spending compared to the years of say 1945-1981.

We've only balanced the budget 4x in the last 37 years, that's a piss poor track record for balancing the budget regardless of your party affiliation. And then they go into mental gymnastics "Oh well you see, Reagan's tax cuts WORKED, and Clinton was just right there at the right time to have the booming economy because Reagan passed those large tax cuts 16 years earlier in 1981 (yes I'm aware Reagan also passed several tax increases).

No mention from them of the large tax increase on the wealthiest of households that Democrats in Congress, and Clinton signed off on in 1993, which certainly helped. They do mention reduced spending under the Republican Congress 1995-2001.

It's all a bunch of horseshit though. I show them the facts, and they're willfully ignorant of them.

I told a Republican what I want in an economy, and instead of making promises that his economic vision would ensure any American of any economic background could see a doctor if they got sick, he fucking argued back at me. Like he self-admitted that "fuck poor people" was his economic argument in that regard.

To add to this, most American families don't give two flying fucks about politics.

Most individuals and families, in this population of over 300 million, are struggling to make ends meet or just hardly getting by without any time or money for extra curriculars. Downtime for some is to spend what few hours they have attending and spending time with their children and family.

They don't have time to worry about who is regulating the internet, the rights of marginalized groups, the drawbacks of allowing certain pesticides as well as a plethora of other problems and not to mention every minor detail involved in other branches of decisions. It's just not possible in this system.

It's a very difficult position to be in. When you read people trying to throw half the country under the bus because they don't have the same luxury as being able to spend time on Reddit, or following the news or researching current events, and assuming that is the norm of this country and that "people can or should make time for it", it's not even funny.

There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that 'my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.

Isaac Asimov

It’s just more proof that if you keep the same lie up for years people end up believing your bullshit. No Republican President has reduced the deficit in the last 40+ years but since they say they want to it’s like they get credit for it with idiots, it’s astounding.

Absurdly low. Frightening low.

My BOSS, who is an otherwise intelligent and well intentioned person, blamed fucking OBAMA for the '08 recession and claimed it was because of market confidence. We are FUCKED if these people control our policy. They seriously, literally, do not understand how things really work.

"This is your brain on fundamentalism."

"These people are watching the flinstones as if it were a documentary" - lewis black

As opposed to, say, where? People, regardless of where they are from, are not that smart. Selfish and greedy, yes, but smart? Not so much.

Republicans have the advantage on taxes, reducing the deficit and protecting America’s interests on trade.

You dense mother fuckers.

For some reason right wing governments seem to get an unfounded reputation for handling the economy well. I’ve seen it when living in the UK, in Ireland and also in Australia. I think it’s a perception based on the amount people are taxed rather than on how well the country’s economy is actually performing.

Incompetent is the best thing I could say about this administration.

I had to double check, what the helk?[1]

1) YouGov - Over 40% of Americans believe humans and dinosaurs shared the planet

40% of Americans believe that they have a personal guardian angel

Nearly 8 in 10 American's still believe angels are real.

We are a very stupid country.

Welcome to the 56%!

Anyone who knows Trump said something like "who knew healthcare would be so hard" that doesn't call his administration incompetent is a liar or overly optimistic.

ONLY 56%??

I am starting to believe that we Americans need you Canadians to get custody of us to protect us from ourselves.

Statistics show that 1 out of every 3 Trump supporters is just as dumb as the other two.

A lot don’t understand how the government is designed to work. A lot are diehard GOP or Trump loyalists. A lot exclusively watch FOX News.

This post is spot on. IF you are political junkie and see these polls and percentages we think WTF. But in reality most people don't pay any attention to politics or current events what so ever.

I would love to see this as a Venn diagram.

"21% of Americans believe you can mentally communicate with the dead"

Do they need to communicate back?

Other countries seem to be doing better than we are. Maybe it's because they aren't brainwashing their citizens with right-wing media that peddles fake conspiracies. Maybe they don't have politicians bought and owned by billionaires and corporations.

This isn't a prediction, it's an opinion poll.

44% eat tide pods.

56% Incompetent

36% Corrupt

8% Oh My God Emperor!

These polls never fail to disappoint. We're divided into alternate universes.



Why do you think cutting education funding gives Republicans an erection?

Wow, almost two years now and Trump supporters still dont understand how statistics work...



THE 56%