Hi5.... Nevermind

Hi5.... Nevermind

Judging by his her lack of coordination, I’d say she’s not the sharpeist knife in the draw.

Edit: gender

Aww whst kind of dog is he? Looks kinda like a sharpei

You're drunk go home dogo

She's a sharpei crossed with something. We got her from a shelter so I'm not entirely sure what mix she is

Ok yeah that made me laugh, nice one pal

Shes lovely, even if her depth perception is a bit off! Lol

Technically that’s a low5

He's a good dog.

Close enough.

Hahahahaha but she's the sweetest

Very unbro like

If dogs can get astigmatism - and I don't see why not, then maybe he's lost vision in one eye and is having trouble with depth perception?