He’s living his best life

He’s living his best life

Can I get in

I'm gonna get in my car, when I start dying I'm gonna a honk the horn three times. That means save the dog.

Beer bongs and bentleys ft. doggo looking intently.

Post Malone? Still qualifies as animal abuse, someone break it

Better break that window because that album fire

If the a/c is on doesn’t that mean the keys are in the ignition?

A/C wont be enough to put out the flames in that car.

I‘m the dog and i approve

Only on older or lower end cars. Most new mid/upper end cars have remote start, proximity keys, etc... that allow the car to be on with the doors locked and without anyone being able to drive it away.

Someone save that dog

That good boi has a better life than me, and I'm not upset about it :)

Feelin like a dog-staAAAr!

My old 2000 Saturn would allow me to have it on (not engine) without the keys being in, so I could turn on the A/C without it being turned on. Pretty sure it was just a faulty ignition tho

Beep beep...beeeeeeeeeeeeeppppppp

I bet he’s listening to “Stay”

Such a good boi

I'm feeling a strong 8