He's gonna be great one day.

That kid is barely 2 and is more of a man than me.

Man I miss doing this as a kid.

My go-to movie was Mighty Ducks 2.

I had a mini mighty duck hockey stick and would pretend I was actually playing during the hockey games.

Pretending to be in the movie was so much fun as a kid.

What do you mean as a kid?? I'm an adult and I watch movies all the time pretending I'm in it. Ok, so yea it's usually porn but still my point stands.

If psychologist László Polgár is right, we are in the presence of greatness.

You could see in his diaper?

the jumping part. the other parts are believable, if very fast and coordinated for a toddler. but the jumping alternating legs is somehow off. or maybe the kid is older, closer to 4 than to 2.

If only this kid worked just as hard at potty training.

So, there is a strong uncanny valley to this one, but I can't put my finger on it. Anyone?

Baby Balboa

This is cool and all, but are this kid's proportions weirding anyone else out?

"my point stands" niceee...

Thats either a tiny, bald 5 year old wearing a diaper or its fake.

No chance any toddler can jump from 1 leg to the other, toddlers can barely even stand up for this long.

you know what it is

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

This definitely isn’t his first time watching

The baby's movements really looks fake especially the the last one...


That is the frickin’ cutest thing I have ever seen and I have 3 kids of my own.

Work hard and you'll get there eventually Sas'